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Global citizens’ assembly to be chosen for UN climate talks

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One hundred people from around the world are to take part in a citizens’ assembly to discuss the climate crisis over the next month, before presenting their findings at the UN Cop26 climate summit. The Global Citizens...

Taliban ask to address UN general assembly after Afghanistan takeover

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The Taliban have challenged the credentials of Afghanistan’s former United Nations ambassador and are asking to speak at the UN general assembly, a UN spokesperson has said. UN officials must now decide which represen...

Russia slams New York’s vaccine requirement for UN general assembly

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All diplomats attending the UN general assembly in New York next week will have to provide proof of vaccination, the city government has confirmed prompting an angry reponse from Russia. Delegates must be vaccinated t...

Myanmar’s junta vies with critic of coup for seat on UN assembly

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The United Nations will face a dilemma when its general assembly convenes next week, after both Myanmar’s military junta and the country’s shadow national unity government (NUG) launched rival bids to fill the country...

‘A new Chile’: political elite rejected in vote for constitutional assembly

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Chile’s established political elite has been roundly rejected at the polls six months ahead of a pivotal presidential election, as the country turned to a progressive new generation to write the next chapter in its hi...

Northern Ireland assembly holds emergency debate after six nights of violence – vivere

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MLAs holding emergency session after days of rioting

Stormont assembly censures Sinn Féin members over funeral

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The Northern Ireland assembly has voted unanimously to censure Sinn Féin ministers for attending the funeral of a former leading IRA figure during lockdown. Assembly members accused Sinn Féin of breaching Covid-19 reg...

New York assembly approves ‘impeachment investigationinto Andrew Cuomo

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The New York state assembly has authorized its judiciary committee to start an “impeachment investigation” into sexual misconduct allegations brought by six women against Andrew Cuomo. The panel’s investigation, which...