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Devon nursery worker found guilty of sexually assaulting children

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A teenage nursery worker has been found guilty of sexually assaulting young children he was employed to look after. Jayden McCarthy, now aged 18 ma 16 at the time of the alleged offences in the summer of 2019, assaul...

Croatian border police accused of sexually assaulting Afghan migrant

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A woman from Afghanistan was allegedly sexually abused, held at knifepoint and forced to strip naked by a Croatian border police officer, during a search of a group of migrants on the border with Bosnia. The European ...

Myanmar: police filmed assaulting medics in CCTV footage – video

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Warning: graphic footage. CCTV images published by Radio Free Asia has captured police stopping and shooting at an ambulance and detaining three medics onboard. The vision shows police assaulting the medics, kicking a...