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Steve Bell on Boris Johnson being asked to step down by David Davis – cartoon

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Visto por última vez en ... los observadores de aves pidieron unirse a la caza del mundo 10 aves más raras

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Se pide a los observadores de aves de todo el mundo que se conviertan en detective y ayuden en la búsqueda de algunas de las aves más raras de la Tierra.. La búsqueda global de pájaros perdidos, lanzado hoy, presenta investigadores, conservacionistas ...

Cómo nos conocimos: "Me sorprendió un poco cuando me preguntó si podía coquetear conmigo"

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Alex estaba estudiando gestión del transporte en Boston cuando se encontró por primera vez con Amanda en 2001. Pertenecían al mismo foro de Internet para entusiastas del ferrocarril.. “En ese momento era un hobby dominado por hombres y muchas mujeres….

Satire really has left the building when we’re asked to be kind to Ghislaine Maxwell

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In the long run-up to Ghislaine Maxwell’s now imminent trial on charges of procuring teenage girls for her late friend, Jeffrey Epstein, her lawyer has repeatedly objected to the accused’s living conditions. Last week...

James Ivory: ‘I keep being asked, was it difficult, your life? My life, si algo, was too easy’

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James Ivory’s movies revel in the elegance of the swan and simultaneously show how frantically its feet are paddling beneath the water. In the films for which he is best known – 1985’s A Room With a View, 1987’s Mauri...

Se pedirá a los votantes que muestren una identificación para votar según la propuesta del gobierno de Morrison.

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Se pedirá a todos los votantes que presenten una identificación para votar en virtud de un proyecto de ley del gobierno de Morrison para tomar medidas enérgicas contra el presunto fraude electoral.. La factura, que pasó por la sala de fiestas de la Coalición el martes, pero aún no se ha presentado ...

Cantante alemana dice que el personal del hotel le pidió que escondiera su estrella de David

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Los fiscales alemanes abrieron una investigación sobre los empleados de un hotel después de que un músico les acusara de antisemitismo en un video publicado en las redes sociales.. El cantante Gil Ofarim dijo en una emotiva vi..

Californians asked to cut water use by 15% as drought ravages the state

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California’s governor has asked people and businesses to voluntarily cut their water use by 15% as the western US weathers a devastating drought. Gavin Newsom’s request is not an order, but it demonstrates the growing...

Biden reveals Queen asked about Putin and Xi during tea at Windsor Castle

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Joe Biden revealed the Queen had asked him about his Russian and Chinese counterparts, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, during their 45-minute talk over tea at Windsor Castle, in the aftermath of the G7 summit on Sunday...

Influencers say Russia-linked PR agency asked them to disparage Pfizer vaccine

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French and German YouTubers, bloggers and influencers have been offered money by a supposedly UK-based PR agency with apparent Russian connections to falsely tell their followers the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine is respons...

Ben Roberts-Smith wiped laptop containing ‘national security issues’ after being asked not to, la corte escucha

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Victoria Cross winner Ben Roberts-Smith wiped a laptop containing “national security” issues, five days after being formally requested by lawyers to retain them, the federal court has heard. His wiping of potentially ...

Cómo nos conocimos: ‘I asked if we could be friends, and she said: I hope we’ll be more than that’

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UK travellers to France may be asked proof of accommodation as part of post-Brexit changes

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Post-Brexit British visitors to France may be asked to show proof of their accommodation, including an official certificate obtained in advance if they are staying with friends or family, once Covid-related travel res...

Italian public broadcaster asked to stop promoting ‘intolerable’ content

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Activists opposed to racism, homofobia, antisemitism and sexism in the Italian media have written to the public broadcaster, Rai, urging it to stop promoting “intolerable” content. Rai apologised recently for the use...

Beyoncé looked glorious on my magazine cover. ‘Are you going to lighten her skin?’ my boss asked

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I stood and knocked tentatively on my publisher’s office door, holding a printout of my latest cover gingerly in my fingertips. The cover I held in my sweaty hands this time was Beyoncé, and she looked … well, she loo...

Emi Buendía: ‘Messi asked do I want to play for Spain or Argentina?"

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Six years ago Barcelona were coasting at the Camp Nou, five goals into a 6-0 destruction of Getafe, but before the second half began Lionel Messi covered his mouth and encouraged a then 18-year-old midfielder, who had...

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