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The big idea: Should we worry about artificial intelligence?

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Ever since Garry Kasparov lost his second chess match against IBM’s Deep Blue in 1997, the writing has been on the wall for humanity. Or so some like to think. Advances in artificial intelligence will lead – by some e...

Streaming: the best films about artificial intelligence and robots

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“Old-fashioned” is generally not a term you want to hear applied to science fiction, a genre from which one tends to expect the futuristic and unfamiliar. But old-fashioned is very much how Finch (Apple TV+) feels, un...

Using artificial intelligence to rule on handball is a tantalising possibility

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How should an essay be marked? You might think a teacher should simply read it and make a judgment based on the impression it makes: logically coherent, offers evidence to back up its case, reads well, is original – f...

The truth about artificial intelligence? It isn’t that honest

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We are, as the critic George Steiner observed, “language animals”. Perhaps that’s why we are fascinated by other creatures that appear to have language – dolphins, whales, apes, birds and so on. In her fascinating boo...

L'ascesa del robo-dramma: Young Vic crea nuovi giochi usando l'intelligenza artificiale

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Lo scorso autunno, un programma per computer di deep learning ha scritto un saggio per il Guardian. Il sistema GPT-3 sosteneva che gli umani non avevano nulla da temere dai robot. Kwame Kwei-Armah, direttore artistico della Young Vic, leggilo e f...

Artificial intelligence could be used to diagnose dementia

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It’s been used to detect eye diseases, make medical diagnoses, and spot early signs of oesophageal cancer. Now it has been claimed artificial intelligence may be able to diagnose dementia from just one brain scan, wit...