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Australia Covid updates: Pfizer vaccines arrive from UK as NSW expects cases to grow – follow live

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A renewed push for people around Australia to take up the Pfizer vaccine is under way as two planeloads arrived from the UK. Volg die nuutste opdaterings regstreeks

‘We were very lucky’: Afghan refugees arrive in US, exhausted but relieved

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As he stepped outside the sliding doors at Virginia’s Dulles airport last Wednesday, Abdul Waris allowed himself a moment to smile in relief. It was his first time in the United States, and just days earlier he was at...

Shoeless, shivering, passing out: Afghan refugees arrive in the UK

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They arrived shoeless and shivering, with some toddlers wearing the same nappies they wore when fleeing their homes days earlier. Volunteers have described the extraordinary dignity and stoicism of the Afghan refugees...

Air passengers fleeced by ‘rogue operators’ as PCR tests fail to arrive

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Air passengers to the UK have spent at least £500m on PCR Covid-19 tests from private companies since mid-May, a Guardian analysis has found, only for the NHS to be saddled with extra costs when firms fail to deliver ...

UK Covid live nuus: fully vaccinated travellers from US and EU arrive in UK without having to isolate

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Nuutste opdaterings: Grant Shapps welcomes move – but new rules not reciprocal on travellers from UK to US and EU

A year after peak job losses, the US recovery has been slow to arrive

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The coronavirus pandemic sparked one of the deepest, and strangest, downturns in employment in US history. Op Vrydag, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said the US had added another 559,000 jobs in May, and the unemploym...

‘We booked straight away’: first Covid vaccine tourists arrive in San Marino

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The group of four friends from Latvia had driven 26 hours in a camper van to reach San Marino, where they became the first visitors to take advantage of the microstate’s Sputnik V Covid vaccine holiday package. One pe...