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Prueba de deportes de la semana: arrivals, departures, stats and a statue

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No solo quería un billón de dólares al año para las naciones pobres

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No solo quería un billón de dólares al año para las naciones pobres, No solo quería un billón de dólares al año para las naciones pobres 1.7 millones de personas han cruzado a Polonia en el w...

Dublin welcomes dazed Ukrainian arrivals with food, buggies and toys

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“Thank you very much Ireland,” said Kate Kolva, waving a little blue and yellow flag in the arrivals hall at Dublin Airport. As she waited to collect her best friend’s mother, Ukrainians with no family connections wit...

Javid expected to back scrapping of locator forms for England arrivals

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Sajid Javid is expected to back the scrapping of passenger locator forms for all international arrivals in England before Easter, el guardián ha aprendido. The health secretary has acquiesced to pressure from the tran...

El panorama: last call for Commonwealth arrivals, 1962

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This picture of a young couple arriving at Gatwick airport from the Caribbean on 30 junio 1962 was taken on the evening before the Commonwealth Immigrants Act came into force. The act had been passed by Harold Macmilla...

International arrivals to UK will need to take pre-departure Covid test

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All international arrivals to the UK will be required to take a pre-departure Covid-19 test to tackle the new Omicron variant, la secretaria de salud ha anunciado. Sajid Javid said that tightened requirements will come...

Heathrow reopens separate terminal for red-list arrivals

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Heathrow has reopened a terminal dedicated to processing passengers flying into London from countries on the UK’s Covid red list. Britain’s biggest airport has again turned Terminal 4 into a red-list facility to separ...

Actualización de NSW Covid: state to trial seven-day home quarantine for international arrivals

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New South Wales will introduce a home quarantine “pilot” for international arrivals, as the state works towards opening international borders. The pilot, which will be run as a partnership between the NSW government a...

‘I am in the same boat’: anger and empathy greets Dungeness migrant arrivals

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There were shouts of “lawbreakers” and “go home” as 15 migrants staggered on to the shingle of Dungeness beach in Kent, greeted by a handful of hostile onlookers. One woman also directed her anger at the lifeboat crew...

A thin-stretched welcome for Britain’s new Afghan arrivals

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Refugee charities and Afghan community organisations are struggling to cope with the demand for their services, with thousands of refugees arriving in the UK in recent days. For the fourth day in succession about 600 ...

600 UK churches sign up to welcome Christian arrivals from Hong Kong

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The Church of England must not repeat its lack of welcome to the Windrush generation when thousands of Hong Kong Chinese people move to the UK in what could be the largest planned migration for decades, say clergy of ...

Noticias en vivo sobre coronavirus: New South Wales goes into lockdown; cost of NHS Covid tests for UK arrivals reduced

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Últimas actualizaciones: Australia forced into snap statewide lockdown after enduring worst day of pandemic so far; price of NHS tests cut by a fifth

Scientists warn of risks in easing UK controls for vaccinated arrivals

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Scientists have said that the lifting of restrictions for fully vaccinated arrivals to the UK from the EU and US, which begins from Monday, is not without risk. From 4am on Monday, those who have been fully vaccinated...

Dinos: how are you affected by the end of quarantine for vaccinated arrivals from the EU and US?

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Fully vaccinated people from the EU or US, who are travelling from amber list countries, will no longer have to quarantine in England, from 0400BST on Monday. We would like to hear from those affected by this rule ...

UK travel-led firms get £2bn boost as Covid rules eased for US and EU arrivals

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Nearly £2bn was added to the value of UK airlines and tourism companies on Wednesday after ministers decided that vaccinated travellers from the US and EU will no longer have to quarantine upon arrival in England. Bri ...

Heathrow to pilot fast-track lanes for vaccinated arrivals

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Heathrow is to provide fast-track lanes for fully vaccinated arrivals as the airline industry steps up pressure on ministers to open up quarantine-free travel to amber destinations. Under a pilot programme to be launc...

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