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As Omicron rages around the world, Ardern deploys an old tacticdelay

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In her first press conference of the year, held outside in the central North Island sun, prime minister Jacinda Ardern was almost drowned out by a wave of cicada calls. The clamour is synonymous with New Zealand summe...

Two years of coronavirus: how pandemic unfolded around the world

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Two years ago today, as New Year’s Eve fireworks lit up skies across the world, news reached the World Health Organization (CHI) about an outbreak of “pneumonia” in Wuhan, Cina, the cause of which was unknown. Là ...

Around the World in 80 Days review – David Tennant channels a Victorian Jeff Bezos

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There is something about this time of year that demands a good, solid adaptation of a literary classic. Right on cue, here is Around the World in 80 giorni (BBC One) for the entire family to enjoy. After the past two ye...

Notizie Covid in diretta: Omicron ‘raging around the world’, Fauci says; Belgian protests turn violent

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Omicron has ‘extraordinary spreading capabilities’ and promises to bring a bleak winter, Anthony Fauci warns; Belgian police break up Brussels protest march against Covid measures

Number of journalists in jail around the world at new high, says survey

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The number of journalists who are behind bars worldwide reached a new high point in 2021, according to a study which says that 293 reporters were imprisoned as of 1 dicembre 2021. Almeno 24 journalists were killed b...

A prima vista: I mandati del vaccino contro il Covid in tutto il mondo

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Il Regno Unito è diventato l'ultimo paese a introdurre i mandati sui vaccini martedì dopo che il governo ha annunciato che tutti i lavoratori del SSN avrebbero dovuto essere colpiti entro la prossima primavera. Sebbene scatti obbligatori siano stati ordinati in molti altri...

Milioni di persone in tutto il mondo marciano per chiedere un'azione sulla crisi climatica - reportage video

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Sabato persone in quasi tutti i continenti si sono riunite per marce e raduni per celebrare una Giornata mondiale per la giustizia climatica, a metà del vertice sul cambiamento climatico di Glasgow. Attivisti nelle Filippine, otto ore prima...

"Il momento del cambiamento è adesso": i manifestanti in tutto il mondo chiedono un'azione sulla crisi climatica

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Sabato persone in quasi tutti i continenti si sono radunate per marce e raduni in occasione della Giornata mondiale per la giustizia climatica, a metà del vertice sul cambiamento climatico di Glasgow. Attivisti nelle Filippine, otto ore...

‘Hollow’: how the Australian government’s 2050 net zero pledge was reported around the world

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The Australian government’s net zero by 2050 plan has been met with scepticism overseas, with major international media organisations labelling Scott Morrison’s announcement this week “hollow” and “hard to believe”. S...

Natural habitats of 30 cities around the world at risk due to ‘coastal hardening’, lo studio suggerisce

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Artificial structures have replaced more than half of the coastline of 30 cities around the world, according to new research suggesting coastal infrastructure will have a significant ecological impact if not well mana...

Maria Ressa says her Nobel prize is for ‘all journalists around the world’

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Veteran Philippine journalist Maria Ressa has said her Nobel peace prize was for “all journalists around the world” as she vowed to continue her battle for press freedom. Ressa, co-founder of news website Rappler, e...

Study finds Covid-19 pandemic worsened mental health around the world

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Cases of anxiety and depression around the world increased dramatically in 2020, i ricercatori hanno scoperto, with an estimated 76m extra cases of anxiety and 53m extra cases of major depressive disorder than would have be...

England’s Covid travel rules spark outrage around the world

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England’s new Covid travel rules and refusal to recognise vaccines administered across huge swaths of the world have sparked outrage and bewilderment across Latin America, Africa and south Asia, with critics denouncin...

Around the World in 80 Days review – a charmingly goofy take on Jules Verne

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Given there are so, so many film adaptations of Jules Verne’s infinitely malleable 19th-century adventure story, you might wonder why the French-Belgium production team behind this latest iteration felt the need to ad...

‘Run for your life’: how papers around the world covered the chaos in Kabul

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The fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban has dominated news coverage around the world, with some striking front pages conveying the shocking turn of events and chaos in the capital, Kabul. The Daily Mirror has an incred...

How a phone hacking tool was sold to governments around the world

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Investigative reporter Stephanie Kirchgaessner tells Michael Safi how a technology company’s clients have apparently selected journalists, activists and politicians in advance of possible surveillance ...

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