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‘Avalanche of fires’: what the front pages around the world say

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The wildfires that have raged in Europe, Africa and North America in recent days have provided some dramatic front pages for newspapers across the world. Among the worst fires have been in Portugal, where the Correio ...

Culture matters around the world. What a shame it has been toxically weaponised in the UK

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For most of my 25 years as a journalist, “the arts” have usually been seen as a calming antidote to life’s harsher moments. In newspapers and on websites, culture often functions as a way to introduce visual interest ...

Who tears people away from their families and flies them halfway around the world? The UK government

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I have recently been thinking about the way we treat people who have broken the law. There is a significant philosophical issue here regarding the kind of societies we, as members of a globalised world, want to live i...

Around the world, journalists are resisting the regimes that would jail and kill them

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Should we be celebrating press freedom at all today? Last year a record number of journalists were jailed worldwide. Five out of every six of us live in a country where press freedom has declined over the past five ye...

Experience: I’ve hugged half a million people around the world

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On the morning of 9/11, I woke to what should have been a beautiful day. I was a personal trainer in Philadelphia. As I prepared to head out on a bike ride, the world stopped. A bunch of friends gathered at my apartme...

International Women’s Day marked with events around the world – live

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Latest updates: follow reports from the UK and across the globe as well as data and research on IWD 2022

Ukrainians around the world aren’t just protesting –we’re fighting an information war

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There is more than one struggle. There is the war of bombs, the war that’s taking lives. And then there’s the battle over what can be done. It’s Saturday 26 February, less than 72 hours after Russia invaded Ukraine, a...

Let the horror in Ukraine open our eyes to the suffering of war around the world

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Vladimir Putin’s bloody invasion of Ukraine has sharpened two terrifying realisations. The first is that Putin does not function within the realm of the usual finely balanced checks and balances, sticks and carrots, t...

People gather around the world to show solidarity with Ukraine – video

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Thousands of people have gathered in cities around the world to show their support for Ukraine as Russia continues its invasion. More than 100,000 gathered in Berlin bearing signs reading 'stop the war', 'Putin's last...

Going the distance: the ‘Boris bikes’ being spotted around the world

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They have been a feature of London’s streets for nearly 12 years: the docked public bikes for sharing that are billed as one of the easiest and quickest ways for people to make shorter journeys. Or in some cases, it s...

How much does a Covid test cost around the world?

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In Australia, a federal scheme introduced at the end of January allows pensioners and concession card holders to access up to 10 free rapid antigen tests over three months through their chemist. But the scheme got off...

As Omicron rages around the world, Ardern deploys an old tactic – delay

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In her first press conference of the year, held outside in the central North Island sun, prime minister Jacinda Ardern was almost drowned out by a wave of cicada calls. The clamour is synonymous with New Zealand summe...

Two years of coronavirus: how pandemic unfolded around the world

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Two years ago today, as New Year’s Eve fireworks lit up skies across the world, news reached the World Health Organization (WHO) about an outbreak of “pneumonia” in Wuhan, China, the cause of which was unknown. There ...

Around the World in 80 Days review – David Tennant channels a Victorian Jeff Bezos

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There is something about this time of year that demands a good, solid adaptation of a literary classic. Right on cue, here is Around the World in 80 Days (BBC One) for the entire family to enjoy. After the past two ye...

Covid news live: Omicron ‘raging around the world’, Fauci says; Belgian protests turn violent

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Omicron has ‘extraordinary spreading capabilities’ and promises to bring a bleak winter, Anthony Fauci warns; Belgian police break up Brussels protest march against Covid measures

Number of journalists in jail around the world at new high, says survey

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The number of journalists who are behind bars worldwide reached a new high point in 2021, according to a study which says that 293 reporters were imprisoned as of 1 December 2021. At least 24 journalists were killed b...

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