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Haitian prime minister forced to flee official ceremony after armed gangs appear

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The deteriorating security situation in Haiti was starkly underlined on Sunday when the country’s prime minister and his security detail were forced to flee an official commemoration in the capital by heavily armed ga...

Review ordered after tribunal finds ‘sexist culture’ in Scotland’s armed police

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An independent review has been ordered after a tribunal found evidence of a “sexist culture” in Scotland’s armed policing. The case was brought by former officer Rhona Malone against Police Scotland alleging sex discr...

Boris Johnson kies die vloothoof as hoof van die Britse weermag

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Boris Johnson het die hoof van die vloot vir die eerste keer gekies 20 jare as die volgende hoof van die Britse weermag, 'n keuse wat bedoel is om die Britse na-Brexit-skakelaar te versterk in fokus op die Indo-Stille Oseaan-streek..

Armed robbers place hostages on cars in deadly bank raids in Brazil – video

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Armed robbers carrying explosives and high-powered rifles have carried out at least two bank robberies in Brazil, protecting themselves by placing hostages on their cars. Video footage showed men dressed in black marc...

Armed robbers take hostages in deadly bank raids in Brazil city

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Armed robbers have taken hostages and left a trail of explosives devices in a deadly raid on three banks in a small Brazilian city. The attack in Araçatuba, a city of roughly 200,000 people in the interior of São Paul...

Ethiopian PM urges civilians to join armed forces as war rages

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The Ethiopian prime minister, Abiy Ahmed, has issued a call for all eligible civilians to join the armed forces as fighting rages in multiple regions of Africa’s second-most populous nation. “Now is the right time for...

How India’s armed forces have become Bollywood’s new poster boys

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India’s military will take a starring role this summer. Aan 12 Augustus, in time for Independence day on the 15th, Amazon Prime’s big Hindi release is Shershaah, the biopic of the revered figure of Captain Vikram Batra, ...

Police deny knowing of plan to let armed group commit crime, Victorian inquest into robber’s death hears

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Undercover police officers tailing a group of suspected armed robbers deny they knew of a plan to allow the men to commit a crime if they could not be safely arrested first, the Victorian coroner’s court has heard. Co...

Gewapende Afghaanse vroue gaan die strate in om te wys dat hulle teen Taliban uittart

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Vroue het wapens in Noord- en Sentraal-Afghanistan opgeneem, in hul honderde in die strate opmars en foto's met aanvalsgewere op sosiale media deel, in 'n toon van uittarting terwyl die Taliban 'n groot wins maak ...

Armed forces open fire in crackdown on anti-monarchy protests in Eswatini

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Government forces in the southern African kingdom of Eswatini fired gunshots and teargas on Tuesday to break up protests calling for reforms to its system of absolute monarchy, witnesses said. A dusk-till-dawn curfew ...

Rise of armed civilian groups in Myanmar fuels fears of civil war

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Myanmar is on the verge of a new civil war, a spokesperson for the country’s parallel government has warned, as communities increasingly take up arms to protect themselves from a relentless campaign of military violen...

Police hunt heavily armed former soldier in south-west France

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French police backed by helicopters are searching for a heavily armed former soldier who had allegedly opened fire on officers responding to a domestic violence dispute in south-western France. Sommige 210 officers and f...

Myanmar: ethnic armed group seizes military base near Thai border

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A prominent ethnic armed group in Myanmar says it has captured a military base near the Thai border, as clashes escalated days after the junta chief committed to immediately end violence in the country. The junta has ...

Myanmar military says protesters could be ‘shot in the headas it marks Armed Forces Day

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Myanmar’s ruling military junta has warned that pro-democracy protesters risk being shot in the head or back as activists called for a huge show of defiance against the generals on the country’s Armed Forces Day on Sa...

Irish dissident republican urges armed groups to forgo violence

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A leading political voice in Irish dissident republicanism has urged all the armed paramilitary groups in Northern Ireland to call ceasefires and end their violence. Des Dalton, the former president of the ideological...

Women in UK armed forces face ‘hostile environmentif they report bullying

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Women who serve in the armed forces find that they face “a hostile environment” when they are victims of bullying or harassment and try to complain, according to candid testimony given to a parliamentary committee on ...

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