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‘Magnifying glass’ on inequality: why Covid is hitting harder in Melbourne’s disadvantaged areas

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Covid is acting as a “magnifying glass” on the inequalities felt in disadvantaged parts of Melbourne, where there is less access to essential services including pharmacies, childcare and green space. “We knew before t...

Children in most deprived areas suffered greatest loss of learning during lockdowns – ONS

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The youngest primary school children and those in the most deprived areas suffered the greatest loss of learning during the pandemic lockdowns that closed schools to most pupils in England, according to the Office for...

Scouts launches early-years Squirrels section in deprived areas

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The Scouts movement is to start enrolling four-year-olds with the aim of kickstarting children’s interest in trying new things after 18 months of Covid restrictions. It is launching Squirrel Scouts in scores of the mo...

Labour councils house eight times as many asylum seekers as Tory areas, ontleding bevind

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There are eight times as many refugees and asylum seekers living in Labour-run parts of Britain as in Conservative areas, analysis by the Guardian has shown, amid growing pressure on ministers to fix the “completely i...

Noordoos-Florida word 'n brandpunt omdat Covid gebiede met lae inenting verwoes

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So vinnig as wat een Covid -pasiënt ontslaan word, 'n ander een wag op 'n bed in die noordooste van Florida, die warm gebied van die staat se nuutste oplewing in koronavirus. Maar die pasiënte in die vyf hospitale van Baptist Health in Jacksonvil..

Campaign calls for UK ban on pesticides in gardens and urban areas

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A leading insect expert has called for a UK-wide ban on the use of pesticides in gardens and urban areas to protect bees, wildlife and human health. Dave Goulson, a professor of biology at the University of Sussex, sa...

Lifeline for rural areas facing crippling broadband connection bills

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When Richard Bunning needs to file reports on his cattle online, or do any of the other various bureaucratic tasks for his Devon farm, he uploads the information on to a hard drive and drives to the nearest town. From...

Turkish fires sweeping through tourist areas are the hottest on record

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The heat intensity of wildfires in Turkey on Thursday was four times higher than anything on record for the nation, according to satellite data passed on to the Guardian. At least four people were killed by blazes tha...

Vertel ons: how has the rise in Covid infections affected UK rural areas?

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We would like to find out how rural areas across the UK have been affected by the latest surge in Covid infections. Maandag, England lifted most of its remaining Covid restrictions, while authorities in Scotland, W...

Studentegebiede teken die hoogste aantal nuwe Covid-infeksies in Engeland aan

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Die huidige vyf Covid-brandpunte in Engeland is die tuiste van sommige van die grootste studentepopulasies namate die Delta-variant jong word, grotendeels ongeëntde gemeenskappe. Diegene wat ouer is 18 aan 20 is hul eerste inenting aangebied ...

Funding for deprived schools in England has shifted to wealthy areas, studie bevind

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Government promises to level-up funding in education have resulted in money being shifted away from schools in the most disadvantaged areas and invested in pupils in more prosperous areas of England, according to the ...

Life expectancy key to success of levelling up in UK’s poorer areas

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Boris Johnson’s post-Covid levelling-up agenda will fail unless it addresses declining life expectancy and deteriorating social conditions in England’s poorest areas, a leading authority on public health has warned as...

England’s poorest areas left far behind with lack of social infrastructure

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England’s poorest neighbourhoods have by far the biggest shortages of basic social infrastructure such as parks, playgrounds, pubs, shops and sports facilities – and are least likely to get government funding to renew...

Leeds waits for vaccine as Covid rates go sky-high in student areas

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Heading back to their student halls with a bottle of wine, 19-year-olds Roz Monaghan and Mackenzie Bradley-Wilkinson are feeling tense. The pair live in the Hyde Park area of Leeds, where Covid-19 rates are the highes...

Covid Victoria restrictions explained: new coronavirus rules for Melbourne and regional areas

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Victoria has announced a further easing of restrictions in Melbourne after residents spent a week in a state of semi-lockdown. The following rules apply in greater Melbourne and regional Victoria. People in Melbourne...

Dangerous heatwave grips US south-west as temperatures hit 120F in some areas

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Dangerously hot temperatures across the US south-west will continue to climb this week, reaching higher than 120F (49C) in some areas, exacerbating the region’s already-dire drought conditions and increasing the risk ...

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