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‘We weren’t able to bring everyone’: Jacinda Ardern ends New Zealand flights from Afghanistan

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Prime minister Jacinda Ardern announced New Zealand was ending further flights into Kabul, due to the continuing threat of terrorist attacks. The announcement followed an attack at the airport on Thursday that killed ...

'Doen dit vir ons kinders': Ardern doen 'n beroep op mense om Covid -entstof te kry, soos Nieu -Seeland berig 13 gevalle

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Jacinda Ardern het mense versoek om 'vir ons kinders' ingeënt te word, soos Nieu -Seeland berig het 13 nuwe gevalle van koronavirus in die gemeenskap, insluitend 'n vragmotorbestuurder wat buite Auckland gereis het as 'n noodsaaklike werker..

‘High-risk activity’: Ardern advises hospital visitors against sex with patients during Covid

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New Zealand’s prime minister Jacinda Ardern may have kept her cool through a global pandemic, but a question about a patient and a visitor having sex at an Auckland hospital had the typically unflappable leader strugg...

‘Sorry, a slight distraction’: Jacinda Ardern unruffled as earthquake interrupts press conference

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New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern has been interrupted by an earthquake midway through announcing the country’s plans for a post-Covid-lockdown future. Die 5.9 quake rattled parliament in Wellington on Friday ...

‘They couldn’t come into our internal waters’: Ardern responds to Aukus submarine deal – video

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New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern says her country was ‘not approached’ to be part of a new security pact between Australia, the UK and US. ‘Nor would I expect us to be,’ she adds. ‘The anchor of this arrangem...

‘This isn’t surprising’: Jacinda Ardern warns New Zealanders to remain calm as Covid cases rise

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Jacinda Ardern has warned New Zealanders the worst of the Delta outbreak of Covid-19 is yet to come after another jump in cases. New Zealand recorded 21 fresh community cases on Saturday, the country’s worst single da...

'Jy is bedoel om in die bed te wees, liefling': Ardern onderbreek deur dogter Neve tydens regstreekse stroom – video

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Die premier van Nieu-Seeland word deur haar driejarige onderbreek terwyl die leier regstreeks na Facebook gaan om 'n Covid-opdatering te deel. 'Jy is bedoel om in die bed te wees, liefling,' sê Jacinda Ardern, draai haar kop om met N te praat..

Ardern announces Auckland’s Covid lockdown will lift on Sunday

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Auckland’s seven-day lockdown is due to lift on Sunday morning after no new cases of coronavirus were recorded in the community on Friday. Die eerste minister, Jacinda Ardern, said Auckland would go from alert level th...

Ardern faces calls to boost child poverty spending in budget amid glacial progress

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New Zealand is still struggling to make progress on child wellbeing and experience of poverty, despite Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s commitment to the issue. While data released earlier this year showed improvements...

Ardern makes good on child poverty promise, but a long road lies ahead

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When she came to power, die premier, Jacinda Ardern, grabbed international headlines for her commitments to national wellbeing and solving social issues such as child poverty, homelessness and the mental health...

Ardern tells New Zealand border staff: get Covid vaccine now or be redeployed

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Border workers have until the end of April to be vaccinated before being moved to lower risk roles, die premier, Jacinda Ardern, has said after a third worker from Auckland’s Grand Millenium managed isolation f...

As Omicron rages around the world, Ardern deploys an old tacticdelay

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In her first press conference of the year, held outside in the central North Island sun, prime minister Jacinda Ardern was almost drowned out by a wave of cicada calls. The clamour is synonymous with New Zealand summe...

Christchurch massacre: move to make film all about Ardern triggers anger

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Plans for a Hollywood film focusing on prime minister Jacinda Ardern’s response to the Christchurch mosque terror attacks have prompted frustration and disgust in New Zealand, with accusations that Muslim victims have...

Christopher Luxon is out of step with most New Zealanders – can he really challenge Ardern?

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Op die ou end, the party of business picked the businessman. Former National party leader Simon Bridges is out – again – and former Air New Zealand chief executive and MP for Botany, Christopher Luxon, is in. In hindsigh...

Even as Ardern signals alignment with US, New Zealand still seeks to maintain distance

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New Zealand has long prided itself on having an “independent” foreign policy that charts a middle path between great powers. It’s an approach for which the prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, and her new foreign minister,...

If Jacinda Ardern wants to end period poverty she needs to take some lessons from abroad

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As Labour tries to fulfil its many election promises, there is one area it could score an easy win – the period product rollout scheduled for June. And if New Zealand’s prime minister, Jacinda Ardern is serious about ...

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