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Ardern faces calls to boost child poverty spending in budget amid glacial progress

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New Zealand is still struggling to make progress on child wellbeing and experience of poverty, despite Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s commitment to the issue. While data released earlier this year showed improvements...

NZ prime minister Jacinda Ardern struggles with tough question during Covid press conference – video

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At Thursday's daily Covid-19 briefing, the typically unflappable prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, could barely contain her expression when asked to respond to an allegation that a visitor and a patient had sex in a sha...

Jacinda Ardern interrupted by daughter Neve during livestream that coincided with bedtime

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The New Zealand prime minister has been interrupted by a persistent heckler: her three-year-old daughter, who had “escaped” and was up past her bedtime while Jacinda Ardern was trying to give a live update on the coun...

‘Such is life’: Jacinda Ardern cancels wedding amid Omicron wave – video

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The Omicron outbreak in New Zealand has forced Jacinda Ardern and partner Clarke Gayford to cancel their wedding, which was due to take place in the coming weeks at Gisborne on the North Island’s eastern coast. The pr...

‘High-risk activity’: Ardern advises hospital visitors against sex with patients during Covid

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New Zealand’s prime minister Jacinda Ardern may have kept her cool through a global pandemic, but a question about a patient and a visitor having sex at an Auckland hospital had the typically unflappable leader strugg...

Eens Covid-wêreldkloppers, die bui in Nieu -Seeland verander - en Jacinda Ardern weet dit

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Een van die vele aanhalings wat aan Napoleon Bonaparte toegeskryf is wat hy waarskynlik nooit gesê het nie, was dat hy verkies het dat sy generaals gelukkig was, eerder as in staat. As dit 'n kwessie van lewe en dood is, 'Gee my gelukkige generaals,"Hy is verteenwoordiger ...

Christopher Luxon is out of step with most New Zealanders – can he really challenge Ardern?

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Op die ou end, the party of business picked the businessman. Former National party leader Simon Bridges is out – again – and former Air New Zealand chief executive and MP for Botany, Christopher Luxon, is in. In hindsigh...

Nieu -Seelandse Covid -strategie in 'oorgang', Sê Ardern, Auckland wag op 'n beslissing oor toesluit

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Die uitskakelingstrategie van Covid-19 in Nieu-Seeland ondergaan 'n "oorgang", die premier, Jacinda Ardern, gesê het, dit was die eerste keer dat die regering 'n dreigende wegbeweeg van die ambisieuse app aandui..

Tsunami-hit Tonga faces communication challenges, says Jacinda Ardern – video

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The prime minister of New Zealand told a news conference on Sunday that contact had not been established with coastal areas beyond the capital, Nuku’alofa, after a tsunami hit Tonga following an underwater volcanic er...

New Zealand’s differences with China becoming ‘harder to reconcile’, Jacinda Ardern says

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New Zealand’s differences with China are becoming “harder to reconcile,” the prime minister Jacinda Ardern has said, as she called on China “to act in the world in ways that are consistent with its responsibilities as...

Jacinda Ardern puppet like ‘something from Game of Thrones’, says New Zealand PM

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A New Zealand pub, known for its lifesize puppets of New Zealand politicians, has unveiled one of Jacinda Ardern, who called it “a cross between some kind of celestial being and something from Game of Thrones”. The Ba...

Jacinda Ardern finalising deals for extra Pfizer doses as Covid cases steady

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New Zealand’s Covid cases continue to plateau, met 21 new cases announced on Tuesday. The country has reported 20 cases a day for the past three days in a row. All of the new cases are in Auckland, the city which rem...

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern implies opposition leader is a ‘Karenin parliament debate – video

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New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern has told opposition leader Judith Collins changes to the country's hate speech laws won't prevent her from being called a Karen. The opposition leader referenced a tweet she w...

New Zealand Covid: Ardern unveils post-lockdown ‘traffic light’ system linked to 90% vaccination rate

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Meer as 18 months into the pandemic, New Zealand has announced its roadmap for a post-lockdown future – and says dropping restrictions hinges on the country hitting some of the world’s most ambitious vaccination rat...

New Zealand not willing to risk UK-style ‘live with Covid’ policy, says Jacinda Ardern

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New Zealand has dismissed suggestions it should follow in Britain’s footsteps to “live with” Covid-19, saying the level of death proposed by Boris Johnson would be “unacceptable”. Maandag, Johnson announced plans to...

‘This isn’t surprising’: Jacinda Ardern warns New Zealanders to remain calm as Covid cases rise

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Jacinda Ardern has warned New Zealanders the worst of the Delta outbreak of Covid-19 is yet to come after another jump in cases. New Zealand recorded 21 fresh community cases on Saturday, the country’s worst single da...

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