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Christopher Luxon is out of step with most New Zealanders – can he really challenge Ardern?

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Op die ou end, the party of business picked the businessman. Former National party leader Simon Bridges is out – again – and former Air New Zealand chief executive and MP for Botany, Christopher Luxon, is in. In hindsigh...

In a crisis, you want Jacinda Ardern. That’s why her poll numbers will remain robust

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“If you want to know me, look at my surface”, Andy Warhol once said, or something along those lines. It’s an invitation to the obvious that should apply in politics, and yet the public regard politicians with – at bes...

Jacinda Ardern interrupted by daughter Neve during livestream that coincided with bedtime

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The New Zealand prime minister has been interrupted by a persistent heckler: her three-year-old daughter, who had “escaped” and was up past her bedtime while Jacinda Ardern was trying to give a live update on the coun...

'Jy is bedoel om in die bed te wees, liefling': Ardern onderbreek deur dogter Neve tydens regstreekse stroom – video

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Die premier van Nieu-Seeland word deur haar driejarige onderbreek terwyl die leier regstreeks na Facebook gaan om 'n Covid-opdatering te deel. 'Jy is bedoel om in die bed te wees, liefling,' sê Jacinda Ardern, draai haar kop om met N te praat..

‘Sorry, a slight distraction’: Jacinda Ardern unruffled as earthquake interrupts press conference

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New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern has been interrupted by an earthquake midway through announcing the country’s plans for a post-Covid-lockdown future. Die 5.9 quake rattled parliament in Wellington on Friday ...

New Zealand Covid: Ardern unveils post-lockdown ‘traffic light’ system linked to 90% vaccination rate

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Meer as 18 months into the pandemic, New Zealand has announced its roadmap for a post-lockdown future – and says dropping restrictions hinges on the country hitting some of the world’s most ambitious vaccination rat...

Jacinda Ardern facing biggest challenge yet as New Zealand switches to Covid suppression

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Hierdie week, New Zealand’s locked down cities woke to a brave new world of lifted restrictions: state-sanctioned picnics in parks, the prospect of reopening schools, a chance to reunite with friends and family. Infusing...

Nieu -Seelandse Covid -strategie in 'oorgang', Sê Ardern, Auckland wag op 'n beslissing oor toesluit

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Die uitskakelingstrategie van Covid-19 in Nieu-Seeland ondergaan 'n "oorgang", die premier, Jacinda Ardern, gesê het, dit was die eerste keer dat die regering 'n dreigende wegbeweeg van die ambisieuse app aandui..

Jacinda Ardern needs to speak out on Aukus – her tacit approval allows a dangerous military build-up

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New Zealand defence hawks reacted to the announcement of the Anglophone security pact Aukus this month by complaining this country had been sidelined. In order to stay close to traditional allies, the hawks suggest Ne...

Jacinda Ardern looks to life beyond lockdowns with 90% inenting teiken

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Jacinda Ardern wants to make New Zealand a world leader in Covid vaccinations, inoculating 90% van die bevolking, but experts warn there will be challenges ahead as the prime minister seeks to find a way to take the h...

Eens Covid-wêreldkloppers, die bui in Nieu -Seeland verander - en Jacinda Ardern weet dit

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Een van die vele aanhalings wat aan Napoleon Bonaparte toegeskryf is wat hy waarskynlik nooit gesê het nie, was dat hy verkies het dat sy generaals gelukkig was, eerder as in staat. As dit 'n kwessie van lewe en dood is, 'Gee my gelukkige generaals,"Hy is verteenwoordiger ...

'Doen dit vir ons kinders': Ardern doen 'n beroep op mense om Covid -entstof te kry, soos Nieu -Seeland berig 13 gevalle

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Jacinda Ardern het mense versoek om 'vir ons kinders' ingeënt te word, soos Nieu -Seeland berig het 13 nuwe gevalle van koronavirus in die gemeenskap, insluitend 'n vragmotorbestuurder wat buite Auckland gereis het as 'n noodsaaklike werker..

‘They couldn’t come into our internal waters’: Ardern responds to Aukus submarine deal – video

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New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern says her country was ‘not approached’ to be part of a new security pact between Australia, the UK and US. ‘Nor would I expect us to be,’ she adds. ‘The anchor of this arrangem...

‘High-risk activity’: Ardern advises hospital visitors against sex with patients during Covid

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New Zealand’s prime minister Jacinda Ardern may have kept her cool through a global pandemic, but a question about a patient and a visitor having sex at an Auckland hospital had the typically unflappable leader strugg...

NZ prime minister Jacinda Ardern struggles with tough question during Covid press conference – video

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At Thursday's daily Covid-19 briefing, the typically unflappable prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, could barely contain her expression when asked to respond to an allegation that a visitor and a patient had sex in a sha...

Nieu -Seelandse Covid -opdatering: Ardern secures 250,000 Pfizer doses from Spain as 13 nuwe gevalle aangeteken

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Daily cases in New Zealand’s coronavirus outbreak have continued to fall, with just 13 new infections recorded on Thursday, the sixth day in a row that numbers have been below 21. The downward trend is an encouraging ...

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