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Approval of new Covid jab raises hopes of persuading Germany’s unvaccinated

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The approval of a new protein-based Covid-19 vaccine by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has led to hopes that it could play an important role in persuading millions of Germans who have refused jabs from existing v...

‘Provisional approval’: Australian children aged five to 11 set to receive Pfizer Covid vaccine from mid-January

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Australian children aged five to 11 could receive the Pfizer vaccine against Covid as soon as 10 gennaio, following provisional approval by the country’s drugs regulator. The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) gre...

Germany suspends approval for Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline

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Germany has suspended its approval process for the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline which would double its reliance on Russian gas following growing geopolitical pressure to scrap the project. Energy markets a...

Gas prices jump as Germany suspends Nord Stream 2 approval process – business live

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Copertura continua delle ultime notizie economiche e finanziarie, including the latest UK jobs reportEarlier:

Approval given for $500m takeover of Tasmanian salmon farmer by Brazilian meat processing giant

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Brazilian meat processing giant JBS has been cleared to take over Tasmanian salmon farmer Huon by the Foreign Investment Review Board in a move environmental groups fear will make it harder to regulate the local indus...

Trump to hold Iowa rally as poll shows strong approval ratings

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Donald Trump was set to return to Iowa on Saturday for a campaign-style rally, on the heels of a poll showing strong support in the state which traditionally kicks off presidential elections. Trump has not announced ...

Jacinda Ardern needs to speak out on Aukus – her tacit approval allows a dangerous military build-up

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New Zealand defence hawks reacted to the announcement of the Anglophone security pact Aukus this month by complaining this country had been sidelined. In order to stay close to traditional allies, the hawks suggest Ne...

Taliban ban protests and slogans that don’t have their approval

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The Taliban has moved to tighten its crackdown on escalating protests against its rule, banning any demonstrations that do not have official approval for both the gathering itself and for any slogans that might be use...

Joe Biden approval rating slides amid Afghanistan and Covid

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Buongiorno. Joe Biden is facing growing pressure, both home and abroad, as the evacuations in Afghanistan and the pandemic come together in a perfect storm. The UN warned that Afghanistan could start to run out of ...

US Senate on track to give final approval to $1tn bipartisan infrastructure plan

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After weeks of fits, starts and delays, the US Senate is on track to give final approval to the $1tn bipartisan infrastructure plan, with a growing coalition of Democrats and Republicans prepared to lift the first pha...

Boris Johnson’s approval rating slips to lowest level since he became prime minister

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Boris Johnson’s personal approval rating has slipped to its lowest level since he became prime minister, according to the latest Opinium poll for the Observer. His overall approval rating has fallen to -16, down from ...

Celebrities’ mini-me fashion trend wins royal approval

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Any public appearance by the Duchess of Cambridge typically dominates the fashion headlines the next day. Ma, for England’s Euro 2020 match against Germany this week, the duchess was overshadowed by her companions –...

Voters not put off by sleaze claims, Tory MPs say, as poll shows drop in approval

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Conservatives MPs and candidates have said that the sleaze allegations surrounding Downing Street are not “cutting through” to voters as a new poll showed the party’s lead over Labour has plummeted ahead of next week’...

Vaccine boost pushes Tories’ approval rating on Covid into positive territory

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Overall approval for the government’s handling of the Covid pandemic is now positive for the first time since May last year, in the latest sign that the vaccine rollout has helped transform its fortunes. The latest Op...

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