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Applications to US nursing schools rise as students want to ‘join the frontline’

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Nurses around the US are getting burned out by the Covid-19 crisis and quitting, yet applications to nursing schools are rising, driven by what educators say are young people who see the global emergency as an opportu...

Dreamers in turmoil after Texas ruling blocks new Daca applications

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For Kimberly, an undocumented 20-year-old in Missouri, last week’s decision by a Texas judge to not allow immigrants to file new applications for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (Daca), a program that shielded ...

Why 6m settlement applications doesn’t mean 6m EU citizens live in the UK

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Verlede week, the Home Office announced it had received 6m applications for the EU settlement scheme, prompting some to conclude the number of Europeans living in the UK was almost double previous estimates. Some on soci...