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Joe Exotic should receive shorter prison sentence, federal appeals court rules

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A federal appeals court ruled Wednesday that Tiger King’s Joe Exotic should get a shorter prison sentence for his role in a murder-for-hire plot and violating federal wildlife laws. Joe Exotic, whose real name is Jose...

Polish appeals court overturns ruling against Holocaust historians

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A Polish appeals court has overturned a ruling against two leading Holocaust historians accused of defamation, in a closely watched case that raised questions about the freedom to research Poland’s second world war pa...

Appeals court rules Texas can continue to uphold restrictive abortion law

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Texas can continue banning most abortions after a federal appeals court on Thursday rejected the Biden administration’s latest attempt to undo a novel law that has become the country’s biggest curb to abortion in near...

Penelope Jackson appelleer teen moordvonnis en beweer dat mediamateriaal 'n regverdige verhoor belemmer het

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'n Vrou tronk toe vir ten minste 18 jare nadat sy skuldig bevind is aan moord op haar man, moet appelleer teen haar skuldigbevinding op grond daarvan dat video- en oudio-bewyse in die publieke domein vrygestel is halfpad deur hom..

Priti Patel vows to curb eco protests and asylum appeals in 2022

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The home secretary has said she intends to crack down on eco protesters and end the “legal merry-go-round” of “spurious” asylum seeker claims in 2022. In a new year video message posted on social media, Priti Patel sa...

Cornish home to TV’s Doc Martin appeals for sea defence funds

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A Cornish fishing village familiar to fans of gentle comedy drama is facing a crisis because part of its sea defences are crumbling and there are no longer enough working boats to fund the repairs. Householders in Por...

Ukrainian president appeals for EU membership and urges Russian soldiers to leave – video

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Volodymyr Zelenskiy has appealed to the European Union to allow Ukraine to gain membership immediately under a special procedure, as it defends itself from invasion by Russian forces.'Our goal is to be with all Europe...

Trump appeals ruling requiring him to testify in New York investigation

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Donald Trump has appealed a judge’s decision requiring he answer questions under oath in New York state’s civil investigation into his business practices – a widely expected move that’s likely to prolong the fight ove...

UK slashes aid to Syria despite direct appeals from UN

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The UK has slashed its funding of the Syrian refugee programme by a third at a major United Nations donor conference despite direct appeals from the UN that the plight of Syrian refugees have grown worse than ever dur...

Claudia Lawrence’s mother appeals for help 13 years after disappearance

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The mother of the missing university chef Claudia Lawrence has said “if you give up on hope, you may as well give up altogether” as she marked the 13th anniversary of her daughter’s disappearance. Lawrence, 35, has no...

Verdere geweld breek uit in Noord-Ierland ten spyte van 'n beroep op kalmte

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Geweld het weer in die strate van Noord-Ierland uitgebreek, ten spyte van 'n beroep op kalmte. 'N Motor is in Sperrin Park in die Waterside-omgewing in Londonderry aan die brand gesteek, terwyl daar ook verslae van gewelddadige aanvalle was..

Trump appeals against judge’s contempt order and $10,000-a-day fine

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Donald Trump is appealing the contempt of court order he received from a Manhattan judge that fines him $10,000 a day for failing to comply with a subpoena, according to documents filed Wednesday. The contempt order w...

Praatperde: Havlin appeals against 21-day ban for Lingfield ride

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Robert Havlin, the No 2 rider to John and Thady Gosden, confirmed on Thursday morning that he will lodge an appeal against a 21-day ban for “failing to take all reasonable and permissible measures to obtain the best p...

Independent review praises ABC complaints unit but recommends new ombudsman role to handle appeals

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The ABC’s internal complaints unit is an “efficient” system which could nevertheless benefit from the addition of an ABC ombudsman to review the findings, an independent review has found. The new ABC ombudsman would h...