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Apollo lands with the frontrunner in Morrisons takeover mission

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Private equity firms and their co-riders love a consortium mashup, so one can’t be surprised that Apollo has dropped the idea of bidding solo for Morrisons and is instead trying to insert itself into the Fortress-led ...

Morrisons takeover: Apollo private equity group says it is considering bid

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The private equity group Apollo has joined the battle to buy Morrisons after it said it was considering making an offer for the UK supermarket chain that could trump an existing £6.3bn bid for the supermarket by rival...

Apollo considering offer for Morrisons after supermarket accepts Fortress’s £6.3bn bid – business live

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Fifty years after Apollo, space is about to transform our life on Earth beyond recognition

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The Apollo 11 space mission captured our imaginations in 1969. And it was achingly evocative to hear the recordings of Michael Collins, who died last week, talk about how looking at Earth from space rammed home just h...

Michael Collins, Apollo 11 astronaut, muore invecchiato 90

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Michael Collins, who was part of the Apollo 11 original moon landing crew and kept the command module flying while Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to walk on the moon, è morto all'età di 90,...

Leon Black unexpectedly quits Apollo investment firm after Epstein inquiry

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Billionaire Leon Black, co-founder of one of Wall Street’s most prominent investment firms, unexpectedly stepped down from his position as chief executive of Apollo Global Management on Monday, the latest in a series ...