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Rose Ayling-Ellis’s Strictly victory shows deaf people can do anything

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I’m absolutely thrilled that Rose Ayling-Ellis has won Strictly Come Dancing – it’s a landmark moment for the deaf community. I am so proud of her. When I first heard about her appearing on the BBC’s Saturday night da...

Wine glasses are getting smaller. But will anything actually make us drink less?

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For years, wine glasses got larger and larger; the hospitality protocol was to fill them to the widest point of the glass, which was about a third of the way up, typically 250ml. The home drinker might fill them halfw...

Michael Gove is right about one thing: building more homes won’t solve anything

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Boris Johnson’s Queen’s speech was largely empty of substance. So thank goodness for the housing and planning secretary, Michael Gove. In his contribution he never spoke truer words, at least if anyone understood them...

Ukraine tensions: what is the Normandy format and has it achieved anything?

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The Normandy format is an informal forum that was set up by French, German, Russian and Ukrainian diplomats in 2014, after Russia kickstarted a separatist conflict in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region. It takes its name...

Hayv Kahraman: ‘I was brainwashed into thinking anything Euro-American-centric is the ideal’

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In 2006, the artist Hayv Kahraman moved to the US, then occupying her homeland, Iraq, and began painting a woman who has been a fixture of her work ever since. With parchment-pale skin, a swoosh of raven hair, scarlet...

‘Did I miss anything?’: the best quotes of the 2022 Oscars

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… on co-hosts Wanda Sykes and Regina Hall“This year the Academy hired three women to host, because it’s cheaper than hiring one man.” … on another ill-fated awards show“You know what’s in the in memoriam section this ...

‘Nobody can say anything’: China cracks down on dissent ahead of Olympics

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A chill is blowing through Chinese civil society as activists, journalists and academics report receiving police warnings and censorship of their social media platforms in recent weeks as Beijing prepares to host the ...

The man who can fix anything: Carlo Ancelotti defies time and critics

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Perhaps the best insight into how Carlo Ancelotti manages big games came as the final whistle blew at the Bernabéu this month, with Real Madrid leading Manchester City 2-1 and another 30 minutes in prospect. While Pep...

‘The cops aren’t doing anything’: parents yelled at police to enter Texas school

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Texas law enforcement agencies are coming under scrutiny over their response to the mass shooting at Robb elementary school in Uvalde, after it emerged that the gunman remained barricaded inside a classroom for up to ...

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