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Racist abuse of footballers will lead to tragedy, Anton Ferdinand tells inquiry

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The failure of social media companies to tackle racist abuse of footballers will lead to tragedy unless more is done, Anton Ferdinand has warned MPs. In a devastating attack on platforms such as Instagram and Twitter,...

Anton Du Beke waltzes in to become Strictly Come Dancing judge

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Anton Du Beke has been confirmed as a judge for the new series of Strictly Come Dancing, replacing Bruno Tonioli. Tonioli, who has been a fixture on the show since 2004, is being replaced as he cannot fly over from th...

‘They had soul’: Anton Corbijn on 40 years shooting Depeche Mode

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By his own cheerful admission, Anton Corbijn’s relationship with Depeche Mode did not get off to a flying start. Era 1981 and Corbijn was the NME’s new star photographer, lured to the UK from his native Netherlands...