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Far-right Covid conspiracy theories fuelling antisemitism, warn UK experts

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A surge in Covid-19 conspiracy theories risks boosting antisemitism, hate crime campaigners have warned after the opening of an exhibition shedding light on interwar British fascism and its parallels today. The Wiener...

Labour to accuse five ex-staff members of leaking antisemitism report

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Labour is set to accuse five former party staff, including Seumas Milne and Karie Murphy, of leaking a controversial internal report on antisemitism, prompting them to hire lawyers to defend themselves against the cla...

A ‘safe space for racists’: antisemitism report criticises social media giants

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There is a serious and systemic failure to tackle antisemitism across the five biggest social media platforms, resulting in a “safe space for racists”, volgens 'n nuwe verslag. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube ...

Antisemitism: Williamson warns headteachers amid tension in schools

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Headteachers have been told by the government to ensure “political impartiality” over the Israel-Palestinian conflict, following a “concerning” increase in antisemitic incidents. The education secretary said the recen...

Minister condemns ‘deeply disturbing’ rise in antisemitism in UK

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Robert Jenrick has condemned a “deeply disturbing upsurge in antisemitism” in recent years and said the government will name and shame local authorities that have failed to adopt the International Holocaust Remembranc...

‘I reject hate speech’: Lakeith Stanfield on Clubhouse antisemitism scandal

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The actor Lakeith Stanfield has spoken out amid controversy over his presence in a Clubhouse room where participants made antisemitic remarks, sê: “Any kind of hate speech, I vehemently reject.” Stanfield, wie se ...

Conservative candidate to replace Angela Merkel accused of allowing antisemitism

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The conservative candidate for German chancellor in September’s elections has been told by the country’s leading environmentalist that he is legitimising antisemitism by refusing to oust the former head of domestic in...

Alleged leakers of Labour antisemitism report should not be named, rules judge

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The alleged leakers of a controversial Labour party report into its handling of antisemitism should not be named because it would risk harm to potentially innocent individuals, the high court has ruled. The case was b...