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New Zealand police break up one-person anti-lockdown protest in Auckland

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A one-person anti-lockdown protest in central Auckland has been shut down, after the police were alerted to discussions of a potential gathering on social media. New Zealand police said officers were on Queen Street o...

Police say Melbourne anti-lockdown protest ‘most violent in nearly 20 years’

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An anti-lockdown protest held in Melbourne on Saturday was one of the most violent the city has seen in 20 jare, Victoria’s top police officer says. Chief commissioner Shane Patton said his officers had no choice but...

Australia anti-lockdown rallies: protesters violently clash with police in Melbourne

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Anti-lockdown protesters clashed violently with police as hundreds of unmasked people marched through the streets of Melbourne on Saturday. Footage posted on social media showed protesters cheering, throwing objects a...

Sydney anti-lockdown protest blocked as organisers vow to regroup in August

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Anti-lockdown protests planned in Sydney on Saturday have failed to materialise, with police confident a crackdown on movement and checkpoints entering the city prevented a repeat of the lockdown-violating mass gather...

Who’s behind Australia’s anti-lockdown protests? The German conspiracy group driving marches

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A German-based conspiracy group helped to drive a series of anti-lockdown protests across Australia which saw dozens of people arrested and hundreds fined after violent clashes with police. Police arrested more than 6...

Scott Morrison defends George Christensen’s anti-lockdown activism but labels Sydney rally-goers ‘selfish’

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Scott Morrison has sought to defend government MP George Christensen for anti-lockdown activism in Queensland, stating Australians have “free speech” and can attend rallies where public health orders allow, while cond...

Anti-lockdown protest: two men charged with allegedly striking police horse in Sydney

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Two men will face court after an anti-lockdown protest in central Sydney, accused among other offences of striking a police horse. Fifty-seven people have already been charged and 90 infringement notices issued over S...

Coronavirus regstreeks: UK airports set for busiest weekend since pandemic; clashes at Sydney anti-lockdown protests

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Thousands of travellers will leave the UK this weekend as school holidays begin for millions

Anti-lockdown protests across Australia as Covid cases surge to record levels in Sydney

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Anti-lockdown protesters have marched in major Australian cities, as Covid cases spiked to record numbers in Sydney and authorities warned of a “continuing and growing problem”. Thousands of angry, unmasked people mar...

Boris Johnson condemns anti-lockdown protesters’ treatment of BBC’s Nick Watt

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The prime minister and home secretary have condemned an incident in which a senior BBC journalist was angrily confronted and pursued by anti-lockdown protesters as “disgraceful” and “appalling”. Police interviewed one...

Anger in Met after violence at London anti-lockdown protest

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Tensions are running high within the Metropolitan police after another anti-lockdown protest descended into scenes of violence, with eight officers injured. Ken Marsh, the chair of the Metropolitan Police Federation, ...

Eight officers injured policing anti-lockdown protest in London

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Eight police officers have been injured as they dispersed crowds during an anti-lockdown protest in central London on Saturday. Five people were arrested for offences that included assault on police officers, the Metr...

Where ‘freedommeets the far right: the hate messages infiltrating Australian anti-lockdown protests

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In November, a user named Dominic D wrote something akin to a mission statement for the anti-lockdown protest group he runs on the messaging app Telegram. Dominic had been accused by another member of being associated...

Laurence Fox joins London mayoral race on anti-lockdown ticket

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Laurence Fox, the actor and controversial political activist, has made a late entry to the race for mayor of London with a campaign calling for an immediate end to lockdown and pledging to “offer a voice to those who ...