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It’s-a me, Chris Pratt: Super Mario Bros cast announcement sparks ridicule

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Thirty years since his first appearance in a video game, Mario is facing his biggest battle yet: on Twitter. The cast of an upcoming feature film based on the escapades of Mario and his motley crew has been pilloried ...

New Zealand Covid update: 70 new cases recorded ahead of lockdown announcement

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New Zealand has reported 70 new cases of coronavirus in the community, bringing the total number in its outbreak to 347, as parts of the country wait to hear if the lockdown will be extended or downgraded. Of Friday’s...

Scott Parker leaves Fulham with Bournemouth announcement expected

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Scott Parker is expected to take over at Bournemouth after leaving Fulham by mutual consent. The former midfielder took caretaker charge of the club in February 2019, and was unable to keep the west London side out o...

Sinéad O’Connor retracts retirement announcement

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Sinéad O’Connor has retracted her announcement, made over the weekend, that she would retire from music and live performance. In a new statement posted to Twitter, the Irish musician explained to fans that she had fel...