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Angela Rayner hits back at claims she enjoys ‘sexist slurs’

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Angela Rayner has hit out at claims that she viewed “sexist slurs” made against her as a joke, amid a row between the Commons Speaker and the Mail on Sunday, whose editor rebuffed an invitation to discuss an article a...

Angela Rayner smear puts Tory party ugliness on show

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Whatever the origin or purpose of the vile, defamatory claims aimed at Angela Rayner, whether simply poisonous hate or repulsive distraction, it is hard to believe that these remarks emerged from a vacuum (Angela Rayn...

Angela Rayner: ‘I begged Mail on Sunday not to publish Basic Instinct story’

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Angela Rayner has revealed she begged the Mail on Sunday not to run a story claiming a Conservative MP compared her to the character in Basic Instinct, saying the “classist” comments in the piece were disparaging abou...

All back to mine: Angela Hartnett’s recipes for easy entertaining

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At just after nine one Friday spring morning, Angela Hartnett’s basement kitchen in her beautiful, chaotic, Georgian terraced house near London’s Spitalfields Market is still blinking itself awake. Hartnett, in leggin...

Angela Rayner hits back at claims of ‘Basic Instinct’ tactics to distract PM

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Angela Rayner has said she will not be deterred by “vile lies” after a widely criticised report suggested Conservative MPs believe she crosses and uncrosses her legs during prime minister’s questions to distract Boris...

Lavoro duro e faticoso: Angela Rayner will ‘push’ for next leader to be a woman

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Labour’s deputy leader, Angela Rayner, has revealed she is “doing the groundwork now” to ensure that the party’s next leader is a woman. The shadow secretary of state for the future of work admitted that she would “ce...

Angela Davis on the power of protest: ‘We can’t do anything without optimism’

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The last time Angela Davis was in Birmingham, Alabama, she caught up with childhood friends and her Sunday school teacher. While many of us would reminisce about favourite classes and first kisses, they discussed bomb...

Two charged over offensive messages sent to Angela Rayner

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Two men have been charged with sending offensive or menacing messages to Angela Rayner, Labour’s deputy leader. Greater Manchester police said Stuart Kelly, 53, from Halifax, and Michael McGrath, 71, from Sheffield, w ...

Angela Rayner’s advice to Met police misses target

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Angela Rayner’s outspoken views on crime (Angela Rayner: police should ‘shoot terrorists and ask questions second’, 17 febbraio) emerge as Sadiq Khan attempts to sort out decades of inaction in relation to the conduct...

Angela Rayner: police should ‘shoot terrorists and ask questions second’

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Labour’s deputy leader, Angela Rayner, has been criticised after saying she wants police to “shoot your terrorists and ask questions second.” Speaking to Matt Forde’s Political Party podcast, Rayner said she was “quit...

Olaf Scholz elected to succeed Angela Merkel as German chancellor

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Olaf Scholz will succeed Angela Merkel as Germany’s new chancellor after securing a majority of 395 di 736 delegates’ ballots in a parliamentary vote on Wednesday morning. Scholz will oversee a liberal-left “traffic l...

Angela Merkel bows out to the sound of Beethoven and an East German punk hit

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The end of Angela Merkel’s reign as German chancellor was marked with Beethoven, a romantic chanson and an East German punk hit, all played with clockwork precision by the Bundeswehr military band. Dopo 16 years in o...

Angela Merkel to bow out with ceremony live on German TV

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Angela Merkel will ceremonially bow out of office on with a military tattoo held in her honour on Thursday evening, before she is expected to formally hand over her seat of power to Olaf Scholz in the first half of ne...

Steve Bell on Boris Johnson facing Angela Rayner at PMQs – cartoon

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