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We can’t fix the social care sector without fixing the way we treat its workers

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The scourge of poverty wages and insecure work doesn’t just blight the lives of millions of working people, it holds back our economy too. Nowhere is this more clearly the case than in our social care sector. I know a...

Angela Rayner questions Starmer’s Labour leadership rule changes

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Labour’s deputy leader, Angela Rayner, has privately expressed her objections to Keir Starmer’s last-minute bid to push through changes to the party’s leadership election rules, el guardián entiende. Rayner, the s...

The sorrowful dominatrix: cartoonists Steve Bell and Martin Rowson on drawing Angela Merkel

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Sixteen years is a very long time in politics, and since 2005 we’ve had Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron (and Nick Clegg), Theresa May and Boris Johnson – while the Germans have just had Angela Merkel. It usual...

El gestor de crisis: El legado europeo de doble filo de Angela Merkel

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Era lunes 13 mes de julio 2015 y amaneció cuando Angela Merkel dijo que todo había terminado: Grecia saldría de la eurozona. Después 15 horas de conversaciones nocturnas sobre crisis, parecía un desastre. Merkel recogió su papel..

Dominic Raab and Angela Rayner clash over energy crisis and cost of living at deputy PMQs – UK politics live

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Live updates: deputy PM stands in for Boris Johnson to take questions in House of Commons

Germany decides: who will follow Angela Merkel?

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German voters will elect a new chancellor for the first time in 16 years on Sunday, as the Angela Merkel era ends How to listen to podcasts: Todo lo que necesitas saber ...

Brexit made an unlikely hero of Angela Merkel for Britain’s remainers

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Angela Merkel is used to being unimpressed by British prime ministers. She was appalled by David Cameron’s casual surrender of influence in Europe, all to placate fringe elements in his party. She was stunned, on firs...

La opinión de The Guardian sobre Angela Merkel: adiós a un baluarte de estabilidad

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Una de las fotografías políticas más emblemáticas de los últimos tiempos fue tomada durante una cumbre del G7 en Canadá en 2018. Inclinado hacia adelante sobre una mesa estrecha con las manos extendidas, Angela Merkel, de rostro sombrío, se enfrenta a Dona..

Angela Bassett on success, salaries and staying power: ‘I gotta find a new queen to play!"

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Even via a video call, from an anonymous-looking office in New York, against a backdrop of stacked cardboard boxes, Angela Bassett exudes glamour. Dressed down in a sleeveless white top, her hair long and dead straigh...

Under the guise of tackling election fraud, the government is attacking democracy

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Next week the government will try to reverse centuries of democratic progress in this country. The Conservatives’ elections bill – copied and pasted straight out of the Donald Trump playbook – is a blatant attempt to ...

Angela Merkel’s 16-year battle with the centrifugal forces of politics

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As Maren Heinzerling crossed hands with the most powerful woman in the world, leaned backwards and started to spin her dance partner in a circle, she began to worry. “What are you doing,” the retired railway engineer ...

Angela Merkel scores higher in approval ratings than any current world leader

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Almost 16 years after she first became Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel’s approval ratings in five major European countries and the United States remain higher than those of any other current world leader, a new po...

Angela Rayner: ‘We don’t want to be an opposition, we want to be a government’

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Labour’s deputy leader, Angela Rayner, has said her own experience as a care worker helped to convince her more flexible working could be a “win-win” for staff and employers. Speaking to the Guardian after announcing ...

Angela Merkel: bowing out, the chancellor who balances Bundestag with Bunsen burner

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As she faced a lecture-hall sized auditorium packed with national and international press for the last time in her 16-year chancellorship, there was a sense that the room was simultaneously hearing from two very diffe...

Angela Merkel to visit flood-ravaged areas in Germany

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Angela Merkel is to visit flood-ravaged areas in Germany to survey the damage and meet survivors, after days of extreme downpours in western Europe left at least 183 people dead and dozens missing. The chancellor is s...

Classical home listening: Angela Hewitt and a recital rarity

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Introducing her rapturous and rhapsodic album Love Songs (Hyperion), the pianist Angela Hewitt quotes Hector Berlioz. Debating the relative powers of love and music, he concludes: “Love can give no idea of music: mus...

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