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This community’s Black families lost their ancestral homes. Their white neighbors got richer

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The company called it one of the most generous industrial buyouts in history. But Sasol, the South African chemical firm, offered significantly less money to Black homeowners than white homeowners in an attempt to ent...

Indigenous warrior women take fight to save ancestral lands to Brazilian capital

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Più di 5,000 indigenous women have marched through Brazil’s capital to denounce the historic assault on native lands they say is unfolding under the country’s far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro. Female representat...

Native American lawyer calls on Harvard to return ancestral relic

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A descendant of a Native American chief and civil rights leader urges Harvard University to repatriate an ancestral heirloom. Ponca chief Standing Bear’s tomahawk – a single-handed axe, is currently displayed at Harva...