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Anatomy of a tennis sensation: Emma Raducanu’s run to final is no fluke

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Maria Sakkari, one of the best servers in the world, reached the semi-final with a supreme serving performance against Karolina Pliskova, the world No 4. Due giorni dopo, that same serve was eviscerated by Raducanu, wh ...

Grey’s Anatomy review – personal crises and Covid tragedies

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I always thought of Grey’s Anatomy (Sky Witness) as an easy option, a sprawling soap built for a casual viewing relationship. It was convenient – you could get what you needed from it, but you didn’t have to love it. ...

TV stasera: Grey’s Anatomy continues into its 17th series

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Shonda Rhimes’ hospital drama persists, with its 17th season now making it one of the longest-running medical dramas in US television history. The new episodes bring the show bang up to date with the staff at Grey Sl...

This week’s home entertainment: from Shooting Joe Exotic to Grey’s Anatomy

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Theroux hops on the Joe Exotic bandwagon for this one-off documentary, revisiting his 2011 trip to the zookeeper’s big cat sanctuary as part of his America’s Most Dangerous Pets film. He examines how Exotic first fas...

Anatomy of a conspiracy theory: how misinformation travels on Facebook

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Facebook has played a key role in the global spread of misinformation during the pandemic. Here’s how an individual post can reach a global audience within days Wed 10 Mar 2021 16.21 EST Last modified on Wed 10 Mar...