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New Zealand police arrest pair trying to enter Auckland with ‘large amount’ of KFC

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Two men have been arrested after police said they found them with a car boot-full of Kentucky fried chicken and over $100,000 in cash as they tried to cross the border into Auckland despite New Zealand’s strict Covid-...

‘We owe them a huge amount’: march to honour Greenham Common women

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Forty years ago a small group of women, along with a few men and children in buggies in tow, left their homes in Wales to protest against the arrival of US nuclear warheads at RAF Greenham Common. The steps they took ...

Lord Frost: No podemos evitar que la UE reduzca la cantidad de contenido del Reino Unido en la televisión europea

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La UE se estaría perjudicando a sí misma al tratar de reducir la cantidad "desproporcionada" de contenido británico en la televisión europea, pero el gobierno es impotente para detenerlo., el ministro del Brexit del Reino Unido, Lord Frost, ha dicho. T ...

Earth is trapping ‘unprecedented’ amount of heat, La nasa dice

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The Earth is trapping nearly twice as much heat as it did in 2005, según una nueva investigación, described as an “unprecedented” increase amid the climate crisis. Scientists from Nasa, the US space agency, and the Nation...

Nationwide increases amount it will lend to first-time buyers

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The UK’s biggest building society is increasing the sums it is willing to lend first-time buyers in a move it said would enable homeownership for many people who have been frozen out of the market. Nationwide will all...

The amount the UK spends on defence can’t be justified – so we rely on piffle

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Toughen the sinews, gird up the loins. Tomorrow arrives another defence review heralded by what Boris Johnson would once have called a piffle fest. This is a concoction of abstract nouns and cliches drawn from Downing...