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Ali Harbi Ali pleads not guilty to murder of MP David Amess

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The man accused of stabbing to death the Conservative MP Sir David Amess has pleaded not guilty to his murder and planning a terrorist attack for more than two years. Ali Harbi Ali, 25, appeared before the Old Bailey ...

Mourners line streets of Southend for funeral of David Amess

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The streets of Southend were lined with members of the public coming to pay their respects to an MP who died serving his constituents. Mourners at the funeral of Sir David Amess on Monday paid tribute to a man who alw...

Somalis in UK targeted with death threats and abuse after David Amess killing

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Deep in the sprawling Andover estate in Finsbury Park, Londra nord, talk turns to an identity crisis holding back teenage and twentysomething British Somalis. Born in London, 23-year-old Najma Sharif laments how some...

After David Amess’ death, civility in politics is more vital than ever

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It was refreshing to read Alison McGovern’s piece, but I fear she is almost too subtle (“Political debate has coarsened. We MPs can take the lead in restoring calm and respect”, Comment). How can parliament expect the...

Nadine Dorries commits to online safety reforms in memory of David Amess

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The culture secretary has condemned online hate, which she said has “poisoned public life”, as she pledged to bring in sweeping legislation in memory of the late MP David Amess. Nadine Dorries said her former Conserva...

Man charged with murder of Tory MP David Amess

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A man has been charged with murder after the Conservative MP David Amess was stabbed to death during a surgery for his constituents. Ali Harbi Ali , 25, was charged with murder following an investigation led by Scotla...

Right to give last rites should become law after Amess death, MP says

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Catholic priests’ right to give the last rites to the dying, including at crime scenes, should be enshrined in forthcoming legislation in the wake of the killing of David Amess, an MP has said. Labour’s Mike Kane has ...

David Amess killing: suspect referred to Channel counter-terror scheme in 2014

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The suspect in the killing of the MP David Amess received extensive support under the government’s Channel counter-terrorism programme before his case was closed, il Guardian ha imparato. Ali Harbi Ali was first refe...

Dedicated and tireless, David Amess was a paragon of a good constituency MP

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British politics rightly commemorates its own. David Amess, killed in his home constituency last week, was eulogised on Monday in the Commons and St Margaret’s church, Westminster, as what the prime minister called “o...

The killing of MP David Amess

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The shocking killing of the Conservative MP David Amess has been described as an attack on British democracy. Gaby Hinsliff looks at how politicians are responding How to lis...

Southend to become city in honour of Sir David Amess

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Southend will become a city in honour of Sir David Amess, Boris Johnson ha confermato, paying tribute to the Tory MP who had been a long-time committed campaigner for his area to gain the status. Amess had raised the ...

Father of suspect in David Amess killing ‘worked on anti-extremism projects’

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The father of the suspect in the inquiry into David Amess’s killing, was a committed anti-extremist who risked his own life trying to thwart hate groups, his friends and colleagues have said. Amess, 69, was stabbed to...

Margaret Hodge criticises ‘Bullingdon Club’ atmosphere of politics; MPs to pay tribute to David Amess – live

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MP says language of politics has changed for the worse as House of Commons will remember colleague killed in his constituency on Friday

Briefing del lunedì: PM to lead tributes to Sir David Amess

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Giorno a tutti. I’m Martin Farrer and these are the top stories to start the week. Boris Johnson will lead tributes to Sir David Amess in the House of Commons today as discussion continues about how to step up secu...

Memoriali adatti per onorare David Amess

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Gli animali hanno perso un forte, gentile alleato in Sir David Amess (Il deputato David Amess muore dopo essere stato accoltellato alla riunione del collegio elettorale, 15 ottobre). Ha dedicato la sua vita a fare cambiamenti positivi per i più vulnerabili tra noi, e...

Sir David Amess obituary

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Sir David Amess, che è morto invecchiato 69 after being stabbed while holding a constituents’ surgery at a church in Leigh-on-Sea, was the Conservative MP for Southend West in Essex. Though he spent more than half his life ...

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