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‘Another assault on democracy’: what the UK papers say about the killing of MP David Amess

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The papers have reacted to the killing of Conservative MP David Amess with shock and anger, while also reigniting the debate over politicians’ safety. The 69-year-old died after he was stabbed several times at an open...

‘It’s such a senseless act’: shock in Leigh-on-Sea at David Amess killing

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Appropriately grey skies greeted those who attended the scene of Sir David Amess’s killing on Saturday morning, with dozens of well-wishers arriving at Belfairs Methodist church to leave flowers and otherwise pay thei...

Na David Amess se dood, beskaafdheid in die politiek is belangriker as ooit

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Dit was verfrissend om Alison McGovern se stuk te lees, maar ek vrees sy is amper te subtiel (“Politieke debat het grof geword. Ons LP’s kan die voortou neem om kalmte en respek te herstel.”, Lewer kommentaar). Hoe kan die parlement verwag dat die....

Ali Harbi Ali given whole-life sentence for murder of David Amess

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The family of Sir David Amess said they would “for ever shed tears” after his murder by a terrorist assassin who was sentenced to “die in prison” for an attack “on the heart of democracy”. Ali Harbi Ali, 26, was hande...

Ali Harbi Ali looked smug after stabbing David Amess, MP’s aide tells court

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The alleged killer of David Amess had a look of “self-satisfaction” and “smugness” as he was led away by police after assassinating the veteran Conservative MP, 'n hof gehoor het. Julie Cushion, an aide to the MP, tol...

Ali Harbi Ali pleads not guilty to murder of MP David Amess

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The man accused of stabbing to death the Conservative MP Sir David Amess has pleaded not guilty to his murder and planning a terrorist attack for more than two years. Ali Harbi Ali, 25, appeared before the Old Bailey ...

om die selfverklaarde gelukkigste plek op aarde in 'n toneel van bittere konflik te omskep

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om die selfverklaarde gelukkigste plek op aarde in 'n toneel van bittere konflik te omskep.

Commons Speaker calls for ‘nicer and kinder’ politics after David Amess murder

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The Commons Speaker has called for a “nicer and kinder politics within the chamber” in the wake of the conviction of Sir David Amess’s murderer. Lindsay Hoyle told BBC Radio 4: “I want a nicer politics. If we haven’t ...

Counter-terrorism police take over inquiry into David Amess killing

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Counter-terrorism police have taken over the investigation into the killing of the Conservative MP David Amess, who died after being stabbed several times at an open advice surgery for his constituents in Essex. The d...

David Amess killing shocks and upsets Leigh-on-Sea residents

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Children were among those laying flowers on Friday night at the church where David Amess had been holding a constituency surgery, as residents and colleagues in Leigh-on-Sea struggled to come to terms with the killing...

David Amess killing: MPs discuss security arrangements following death – as it happened

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Latest updates on the aftermath of the killing of the Conservative MP Sir David Amess on Friday

David Amess killing: suspect referred to Channel counter-terror scheme in 2014

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The suspect in the killing of the MP David Amess received extensive support under the government’s Channel counter-terrorism programme before his case was closed, het die voog verneem. Ali Harbi Ali was first refe...

David Amess killing: what we know so far

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The Conservative MP Sir David Amess died on Friday after being stabbed multiple times at a constituency surgery. Here is what we know so far:

David Amess latest: Priti Patel says MPs ‘cannot be cowed by any individual’

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Patel was speaking in Leigh-on-Sea after PM earlier laid wreath at front of Belfairs Methodist church, where Tory MP was fatally stabbed on Friday

David Amess stabbing: jury shown video of unarmed police detaining accused

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A jury has been shown video footage of the man accused of murdering the Conservative MP David Amess clutching a knife and being detained by unarmed police and later saying the offence he was arrested for was “terror” ...

Dawid hou vas: tributes paid after Conservative MP dies in stabbing attack – latest updates

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Man arrested after MP for Southend West stabbed ‘multiple times’ at church in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex

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