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America’s mortality gap should sound a blaring alarm across the Atlantic

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Americans die younger than Europeans. That is true whether they are rich or poor, black or white, toddlers or OAPs. The latest confirmation of the mortality gap across the Atlantic comes from a newly published study t...

‘These are the facts’: Black educators silenced from teaching America’s racist past

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History teacher Valanna White filed into the auditorium the first week of August for the customary back-to-school all-staff meeting at Walker Valley high school in Cleveland, Tennessee. What she heard shifted her outl...

Travels with George review: Washington, America’s original sin … and its divided present

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“George Washington slept here” used to be a common sign along the eastern seaboard, even giving rise to a film starring Jack Benny. As Nathaniel Philbrick writes, it is no mere “historical joke”. Washington’s travels...

Feminists warned about America’s abortion crisis for years. We were written off as hysterical

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This was predictable. In werklikheid, it was predicted. The end of Roe v Wade and nationwide protections for abortion rights became likely in 2016, the night that Donald Trump was elected. It became inevitable in 2018, wanneer ...

Will America’s latest redistricting cycle be even worse than the last?

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Happy Thursday, In state capitals all across the United States, mapmakers are quietly beginning the hugely consequential process of drawing the political boundaries that will be in place for the next decade. Using br...

‘It’s five years since a white person applied’: the immigrant workforce milking America’s cows

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Products spring out from the walls of Veracruz Mexican market in Monroe, Wisconsin: packets of cinnamon sticks, nuts, seeds, herbs, spices, tiny rainbow-colored sprinkles, chicle; a wall of healthcare like anxiety pil...

Small farms vanish every day in America’s dairyland: ‘There ain’t no future in dairy’

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“Look at that sweet heifer, high, tight udder, in her first lactation, idn’t she sweet?” auctioneer Tom Bidlingmaier shouts as his son Cory plods and slips and pushes the cow around a pen. Watching it all are about 6...

The farmers’ market on wheels tackling one of America’s worst food deserts

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“I like the purple cabbage,” says Matinah Muhammad as she peruses all the colorful produce available at today’s mobile farmer’s market. “I used to have to go all the way to wherever just to get some cabbage.” She know...

‘We have to break through that wall’: inside America’s battle for gun control

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The modern iteration of the National Rifle Association as a political force opposed to any measure of gun safety was familiar to Fred Guttenberg even before his 14-year-old daughter, Jaime, was killed along with 16 ot...

The war that never ended: the fight to remove America’s racist statues

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“I was just happy somebody else had to go put their ass on the line instead of me,” deadpans Roy Wood Jr, a correspondent on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. “I do it enough for Trevor Noah.” The somebody else was CJ ...

America’s left can’t afford to be silent on crime. Here’s how to talk about it and win

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In the wake of last summer’s mass uprisings against the police state that killed Geoge Floyd and Breonna Taylor, among so many others, many on the progressive left believed that real change was imminent. Unprecedented...

America’s evangelical church is being torn apart by culture wars

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Is the Southern Baptist Convention – the largest and arguably most powerful Protestant denomination in the United States – being held together by culture wars instead of Biblical teaching? That is the question in rece...

How America’s treeless streets are fueling inequality

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Every weekday at 6am, 68-year-old Ana Adelea-Lopez walks through her Houston neighborhood to the bus stop. On the way, she passes a series of apartment complexes, telephone poles and metal fences on a long stretch of ...

RIP Janet Malcolm, America’s finest nonfiction writer who detailed the failings of others alongside her own

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‘Nothing connects with anything else and everything looks as though it might disappear overnight”; the writer Janet Malcolm, who died last week, was describing the mysterious and forgotten corners of New York, but she...

A silent decimation: South America’s losing battle against Covid

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The cold, tired and desperate relatives camped outside the Barrio Obrero general hospital in Asunción don’t need charts or datasets to confirm what they can see with their own eyes. As Paraguay records the world’s hig...

What tree rings reveal about America’s megadrought – a visual guide

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