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Biden plans to get booster shots to 100m Americans

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Buongiorno. Joe Biden is planning to pull no punches when it comes to the emergence of the Omicron variant of Covid in the US. The president has announced new actions to combat the coronavirus, including a nationwi...

Goodbye to job: how the pandemic changed Americans’ attitude to work

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One morning in October, Lynn woke up and decided she would quit her job on the spot that day. The decision to quit was the climax of a reckoning that began at the start of the pandemic when she was first laid off from...

‘Christmas will not be cancelled’ despite tree shortage fears, Americans told

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Days after reports of shortages of Thanksgiving turkeys proved premature, the American Christmas Tree Association was moved to promise Americans that “Christmas will not be cancelled”, amid reports of looming problems...

"Ha cambiato il modo in cui gli americani pensavano al cibo": l'eredità duratura di Julia Child

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A casa dei miei genitori, da che ho memoria, il fiore all'occhiello dell'arredamento della cucina è sempre stato una cornice, fotografia scolorita dal sole di Julia Child. Dentro, sta finendo per schiaffeggiare mio padre, la tecnica audio...

Joe Biden pitches infrastructure bill’s benefits to ‘ordinary Americans’ – live

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President plays down sagging approval rating to talk up ‘significant impact’ $1tn package will have

If Americans can’t have basic things like childcare, our democracy is a sham

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Nel 2014, Northwestern and Princeton researchers published a report statistically documenting how lawmakers do not listen or care about what most voters want, and instead mostly care about serving their big donors. Cou...

New tax rate on top US firms abroad will help Americans at home, Yellen says

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The treasury secretary Janet Yellen has said US multinationals who have spent years avoiding paying tax on American soil will be forced to help fund improvements to education, social and infrastructure programmes, tha...

‘Witches are icons’: Americans embrace their family ties to Salem trial victims

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What do Hollywood actor Humphrey Bogart, Senator Mitt Romney and half the US presidents have in common? They are all alleged descendants of someone involved the 1692 Salem witch trials, in which an infamous outbreak o...

"81 milioni di americani lo hanno votato": Biden lancia un lancio "storico" da 1,75 trilioni di dollari - video

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Joe Biden ha esortato i Democratici ad approvare il suo piano di spesa sociale da 1,75 trilioni di dollari, insistendo sul fatto che ha fatto una campagna sull'ordine del giorno nei progetti di legge e "81 milioni di americani hanno votato" per questo. "Le loro voci meritano di essere ascoltate", non negato,' l'U...

Americans paying 25% more towards car loans than 10 anni fa

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Americans with new car loans are paying about 25% more for their vehicles every month compared with a decade ago, according to a new investigation from Consumer Reports, with auto loan debt in the US now surpassing $1...

Americans don’t have faith in the US supreme court any more. That has justices worried

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Our highest court is facing a legitimacy crisis and is in desperate need of reform. And yet, due to the deadlock that seems to be Congress these days, I too often hear the rebuke to US supreme court reform, “None of t...

Merck wants Americans to pay $712 for a Covid drug that taxpayers helped develop

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La settimana scorsa, we learned that Merck is planning to charge Americans 40 times its cost for a Covid drug whose development was subsidized by the American government. The situation spotlights two sets of facts that have als...

England’s last Covid ‘red list’ restrictions confound South Americans

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England’s decision to maintain strict Covid travel rules for seven South American and Caribbean countries has prompted further fury and confusion in the nations which remain on the “red list”. Ministers announced on ...

England’s last ‘red list’ restrictions confound South Americans

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England’s decision to maintain strict Covid travel rules for seven South American and Caribbean countries has prompted further fury and confusion in the nations which remain on the “red list”. Ministers announced on ...

The richest Americans became 40% richer during the pandemic

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Il 400 richest Americans added $4.5tn to their wealth last year, un 40% rise, even as the pandemic shuttered large parts of the US, according to Forbes magazine’s latest tally of the country’s richest people. The Amaz...

CDC experts advise Covid booster shots for over-65s and vulnerable Americans

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The US vaccination drive against Covid-19 stood on the verge of a major new phase as government advisers on Thursday recommended booster doses of Pfizer’s vaccine for millions of older or otherwise vulnerable American...

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