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Patricia Lockwood: ‘I think Brits like my criticism more than Americans do’

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Patricia Lockwood, 39, is a poet, critic and memoirist whose first novel, No One Is Talking About This, was shortlisted for last year’s Booker prize, as well as the Women’s prize for fiction. A contributing editor at ...

Americans seeking to renounce their citizenship are stuck with it for now

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In recent years, Michael has come to regard the United States, the nation of which he has been a citizen all his life, as an abusive parent. “I can acknowledge my past association with that person while at the same ti...

‘People fear what they don’t understand’: Rachel Levine, pioneering trans official, on protecting Americans’ health

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This year has been excruciating for many Americans who have been battered by Covid, extreme weather disasters and political discord, but for one individual 2021 will be remembered for having propelled her into nationa...

Black Americans continue to see higher jobless rate despite market recovery

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Even as economists celebrated a job market recovery seen from the beginning of the pandemic, when unemployment peaked at 14.8%, to November when unemployment was 4.2%, Black Americans have continued to see a much high...

Should Americans ditch their holiday plans? Maybe that’s the wrong question

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When it comes to the surging Omicron variant of Covid, just about all I’m hearing is advice about holiday planning. Should one attend a holiday party? Travel? Meet friends at a restaurant? Much of the answer boils dow...

‘Big egos, power struggles, stunning betrayals’: how Netflix’s Drive to Survive turned Americans into F1 fans

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American TV viewers weren’t exactly clamoring for a 10-part docuseries on Formula 1 racing, a sport that has previously been thought of in the US as the most tedious of all pastimes, literally going around in circles....

Fauci urges Americans to get Covid booster as US nears 800,000 deaths

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The US government’s leading infectious diseases official, Anthony Fauci, on Sunday stepped up calls for Americans to get a Covid-19 booster shot, as the US is approaching 800,000 lives lost to coronavirus since the st...

Covid lockdown: for incarcerated Americans, pandemic hardships are unremitting

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Mwalimu Shakur could only talk for six minutes. Shakur is at California’s Corcoran state prison, where there have been 1,290 Covid cases and seven deaths since the pandemic hit. During our phone call just before Thank...

Biden plans to get booster shots to 100m Americans

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Good morning. Joe Biden is planning to pull no punches when it comes to the emergence of the Omicron variant of Covid in the US. The president has announced new actions to combat the coronavirus, including a nationwi...

Goodbye to job: how the pandemic changed Americans’ attitude to work

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One morning in October, Lynn woke up and decided she would quit her job on the spot that day. The decision to quit was the climax of a reckoning that began at the start of the pandemic when she was first laid off from...

‘Christmas will not be cancelled’ despite tree shortage fears, Americans told

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Days after reports of shortages of Thanksgiving turkeys proved premature, the American Christmas Tree Association was moved to promise Americans that “Christmas will not be cancelled”, amid reports of looming problems...

‘She changed the way Americans thought about food’: the lasting legacy of Julia Child

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In my parents’ home, for as long as I can remember, the crown jewel of the kitchen decor has always been a framed, sun-bleached photograph of Julia Child. In it, she’s winding up to smack my father, the audio technici...

Joe Biden pitches infrastructure bill’s benefits to ‘ordinary Americans’ – live

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President plays down sagging approval rating to talk up ‘significant impact’ $1tn package will have

If Americans can’t have basic things like childcare, our democracy is a sham

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In 2014, Northwestern and Princeton researchers published a report statistically documenting how lawmakers do not listen or care about what most voters want, and instead mostly care about serving their big donors. Cou...

New tax rate on top US firms abroad will help Americans at home, Yellen says

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The treasury secretary Janet Yellen has said US multinationals who have spent years avoiding paying tax on American soil will be forced to help fund improvements to education, social and infrastructure programmes, tha...

‘Witches are icons’: Americans embrace their family ties to Salem trial victims

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What do Hollywood actor Humphrey Bogart, Senator Mitt Romney and half the US presidents have in common? They are all alleged descendants of someone involved the 1692 Salem witch trials, in which an infamous outbreak o...

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