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Murder, missing money and cover-up claims: South Carolina family mystery grips America

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It’s a story as thick and unctuous as South Carolina’s low country mud. Those in the know aren’t talking, and those who don’t know are. But with six active investigations, including a murder inquiry, the case of Richa...

Politics aside, Colin Powell was a Black man in America

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Perhaps the most revealing analogy for blackness can be found in the first section of the standard obituary. Most of these life synopses follow a straightforward template, with the first paragraph spelling out the bar...

La tormenta solar confirma que los vikingos se asentaron exactamente en América del Norte 1,000 hace años que

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Mucho antes de que Colón cruzara el Atlántico, ocho edificios con entramado de madera cubiertos de césped estaban en una terraza sobre una turbera y un arroyo en el extremo norte de la isla canadiense de Terranova, evidencia de que los vikingos ...

Muy lejos 6 revisión - caos cuidadosamente empaquetado en América Latina ficticia

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Los juegos de Far Cry son a menudo, y no injustamente, caracterizado como predecible, pero después de una pandemia global, Los estantes de los supermercados se quedan vacíos y las peleas estallan en los patios de los garajes., ¿Quién no está ansioso por un poco de predisposición?.

Is America experiencing an unofficial general strike?

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Last Friday’s jobs report from the US Department of Labor elicited a barrage of gloomy headlines. The New York Times emphasized “weak” jobs growth and fretted that “hiring challenges that have bedeviled employers all ...

A microcosm of segregated America: Michael von Graffenried’s best photograph

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The guy on the left is Frank Palombo, the former chief of police of New Bern in North Carolina, a town I have spent the last 15 years photographing. En 2006, an organisation called Swiss Roots invited me to document N...

America faces supply-chain disruption and shortages. Este es el por qué

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There’s a quiet panic happening in the US economy. Medical labs are running out of supplies like pipettes and petri dishes, summer camps and restaurants are having trouble getting food, and automobile, paint, and elec...

The ‘Missing White Woman Syndrome’ still plagues America

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When the late Gwen Ifill used the phrase “Missing White Woman Syndrome” at a 2004 journalism conference, she was responding to news anchor Suzanne Malveaux’s concern that US media outlets had failed to cover internati...

Human footprints thought to be oldest in North America discovered

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New scientific research conducted by archaeologists has uncovered what they believe are the oldest known human footprints in North America. Research done at the White Sands national park in New Mexico discovered the a...

Hombres a caballo persiguiendo a solicitantes de asilo negros? Desafortunadamente, América tiene un precedente

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Probablemente hayas visto una fotografía rondando Internet esta semana.: un hombre blanco que presenta a caballo, uniformado, armado y con desprecio - está agarrando a un negro descalzo por el cuello de su camiseta. La cara del hombre negro..

Wildland review: Evan Osnos on the America Trump exploited

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Ever since Donald Trump was inaugurated as president, bookstores have been flooded with volumes attempting to explain America’s unraveling. George Packer’s Last Best Hope, published earlier this year, provided one of ...

Seth Meyers: ‘Why is it easier to vote on America’s Got Talent than it is in America?"

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Seth Meyers panned California’s process for recall elections on Wednesday evening, a day after the current governor, Gavin Newsom, handily defeated an effort to unseat him by the Republican party. “Recalls in Californ...

America mourns as FBI releases declassified 9/11 documentos

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Buenos dias. The FBI has released a newly declassified 16-page document related to logistical support provided to two of the Saudi hijackers in the lead-up to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The document describes contac...

America mourns on 20th anniversary of 9/11 terror attacks

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America is mourning the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington that killed nearly 3,000 people and helped shape the 21st century. Joe Biden is due this morning to join families of the vic...

America celebrates Labor Day – but are US workers winning?

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As the US celebrates Labor Day, many employers are still struggling to find enough workers. McDonald’s, Chipotle, Walmart and many other companies have announced sizable wage increases to attract workers, and some eco...

Hurricanes Ida and Nora leave their mark in North and Central America

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The end of last week saw significant hurricane activity in North and Central America. Hurricane Ida swept through Cuba as a category 1 hurricane on Friday and then continued to gain in intensity as it tracked through ...

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