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NI protocol critics ‘have no alternative’, says EU ambassador

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Political leaders who want the Brexit arrangements for Northern Ireland dumped have failed to come up with any better ideas, the EU ambassador to the UK has said, as police confirmed 41 officers were injured during vi...

UK hints it will give full diplomatic status to EU ambassador

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The government has hinted that it will grant full diplomatic status to the EU ambassador to the UK with the foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, saying he was looking to turn the page on the Brexit saga and wanted to trea...

Australia’s Holy See ambassador under fire for saying she wants to change ‘narrative’ away from George Pell

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The new ambassador to the Holy See told a Catholic publication that her aim was to change the Vatican’s “narrative” about Australia away from the child abuse royal commission and cardinal George Pell – comments that h...

Chinese ambassador to UK barred from British parliament

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The new Chinese ambassador to the UK has been barred from parliament by the Speakers in the Commons and Lords after the imposition of sanctions on British MPs by Beijing. The new ambassador, Zheng Zeguang, was due to ...

Biden’s pick for China ambassador says ‘we cannot trust the Chinese’ on Taiwan

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US president Joe Biden’s nominee to be ambassador to Beijing on Wednesday said China was aggressive and untrustworthy, insisting that boosting Taiwan’s defences against the threat of Chinese invasion should be a US pr...

‘Progress is on the line’: former Afghan ambassador warns of women’s fate under Taliban rule

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The embassy of Afghanistan occupies a handsome redbrick mansion in a serene and tree-lined Washington neighbourhood, deserted apart from dog-walkers and joggers, as distant from the gunfire and panic of Kabul as could...

UK summons Iranian ambassador after oil tanker drone attack

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Britain has summoned the Iranian ambassador to London for a meeting at the Foreign Office, accusing Tehran of an “unlawful attack” by a drone that killed a British citizen on a ship off Oman last week. James Cleverly,...

Myanmar’s ambassador to UK locked out of embassy, reportedly by deputy

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Myanmar’s ambassador to London has been locked out of the country’s embassy after reports that his deputy had shut him out of the building and taken charge on behalf of the military. Since a military coup in February ...

Former ambassador jailed for Alex Salmond case blogposts

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The former diplomat Craig Murray has been jailed for eight months after repeatedly breaching a court order protecting the identities of women who accused Alex Salmond of sexual assault. Murray, a blogger who describes...

UK ambassador angers Iran with ‘insulting’ embassy photo gaffe

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The new British ambassador to Iran has landed himself in hot water by posing alongside his Russian counterpart in chairs sat in by Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin in the British embassy at the height of Iran’s sub...

Israeliese ambassadeur het van LSE-geleentheid gehaas te midde van Palestina-protes – video

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Die Israeliese ambassadeur in die VK, Tzipi Hotovely, is deur lyfwagte na haar motor gehaas nadat 'n groot skare betogers saamgetrek het buite 'n London School of Economics-geleentheid wat sy toegespreek het. Beeldmateriaal wys aktiviste j...

Patel steun polisie-ondersoek van LSE-protes teen Israeliese ambassadeur

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Priti Patel, die Britse minister van binnelandse sake, het steun verleen aan 'n polisie-ondersoek van betogings buite die London School of Economics Dinsdagaand wat daartoe gelei het dat die Israeliese ambassadeur met 'n spoed met swaar weggelei is..

China’s ambassador to the US to leave after eight years

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China’s ambassador to the US, Cui Tiankai, has announced he will leave Washington after eight years, saying US-China relations are at a “crossroads” as the US recalibrates its engagement policies. Cui, whose departure...

Brussels and London settle row over status of EU ambassador to UK

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A row over the status of the EU’s ambassador to the UK has been settled, with the British government granting full diplomatic status after months of refusing to accede to Brussels’ demands. In a joint statement, the U...

Biden nominates wealthy Democratic donor as US ambassador to UK

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Jane Hartley, a businesswoman and Democratic party fundraiser, has been nominated as the next US ambassador to Britain, continuing a practice by both parties in recent decades of appointing wealthy donors to the prest...

Ousted Myanmar ambassador says his relatives ‘forced into hiding’

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Myanmar’s ousted ambassador to the UK has said that friends and relatives at home have been forced into hiding after the country’s military regime removed him from office for declaring his loyalty to the deposed civil...

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