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Amazon faces lawsuit over deadly tornado warehouse collapse

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The family of a delivery driver who died last month when a tornado collapsed the central Illinois Amazon facility where he worked has filed a wrongful death lawsuit. The action on behalf of Austin McEwen, 26, was file...

There’s a new till-free Amazon Fresh shop near me – so I popped in for spring rolls and simmering despair

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All I can say is that I should have known better. Geen, my decision to visit the branch of Amazon Fresh that has just opened near where I live was not at all a good match for the sweeping month-long programme of mindful...

Amazon warehouse workers have new chance to form union next month

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Amazon workers at an Alabama warehouse will get another chance to unionize next month, after a federal labor board set a February date for the rerun election. The fresh vote comes after an official at the National Lab...

‘I’m still in pain’: Amazon employees say climate of fear has led to high rates of injuries

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In May Chloe Roberson of Chattanooga, Tennessee, injured her knee while working her shift at Amazon and she has been out of work since, while fighting with the company for workers’ compensation and paid medical leave....

Amazon staar onder die loep oor werkersveiligheid nadat tornado pakhuis toeslaan

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Vrae oor werkersveiligheid by Amazon verskerp weer nadat 'n tornado 'n Amazon-pakhuis in Edwardsville getref het, Illinois, op Vrydag, ses mense dood en nog een in die hospitaal gelaat. Maandag, die fee...

‘Pollution everywhere’: how one-click shopping is creating Amazon warehouse towns

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Three generations of Arah Parker’s family have lived in her pleasant, yellow-hued home, where there used to be a clear view of the San Gabriel mountains from the kitchen window. There used to be – until the country’s ...

Amazon to sell low-cost PCR Covid tests for UK travellers

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Amazon is to start selling low-cost Covid PCR test kits to travellers in a move that promises to shake up a market that has been described as a “rip-off jungle” for consumers. The government-approved tests, which will...

How one-click shopping is creating Amazon warehouse towns: ‘We’re disposable humans’

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Three generations of Arah Parker’s family have lived in her pleasant, yellow-hued home, where there used to be a clear view of the San Gabriel mountains from the kitchen window. There used to be – until the country’s ...

Harlem review – Girls Trip creator’s Amazon series is a mixed bag

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I don’t want to start this review by talking about Insecure, Issa Rae’s seminal HBO comedy about four Black twenty-to-thirtysomethings in LA that broke ground for Black female friendship onscreen and built a pipeline ...

Amazon workers in Alabama to get another union election

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A new union election for Amazon workers in Bessemer, Alabama, will be held based on objections to the first vote that took place in April. The move is a major blow to Amazon, which had spent about a year aggressively ...

Amazon to stop accepting UK-issued Visa credit cards

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Amazon has told customers that it plans to stop accepting payments made with UK-issued Visa credit cards in January. In an email to users of the site, it blamed the cost of processing the payments, telling them: “Star...

Amazon om te betaal $500,000 boete vir versuim om werkers van Covid-gevalle in kennis te stel

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Amazon het ingestem om a $500,000 boete en word deur Kalifornië-amptenare gemonitor nadat die staat se prokureur-generaal gesê het die maatskappy het versuim om werkers en gesondheidsowerhede “voldoende in kennis te stel” oor nuwe Covid-19-gevalle..

Armed attack on Brazilian Amazon community while delegate at Cop26

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A land defender from Pará, in the Brazilian Amazon, said armed men attacked a forest community she defends while she was at the Cop26 talks in Glasgow. Claudelice Silva dos Santos, a Cop26 delegate and nominee for the...

‘The Every is about an all-powerful monopoly that seeks to eliminate competition’: why Dave Eggers won’t sell his new hardback on US Amazon

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In 2013, Dave Eggers’ techno-dystopian satire The Circle described a sinister social media company that aims to abolish privacy for good. Its devotees aspire to “go transparent” – allow every moment of their lives to ...

Prime_Time review – memorably unsettling Amazon takedown

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“Your package will arrive in 60 minute,” announces the soothing voice of Alexa at the start of Prime_Time, a full-throttle, punk-techno disquisition on life in the age of Amazon. Two topless women in jeans and custar...

Amazon profits suffer largest percentage drop in four years

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Amazon’s profits declined by the largest percentage in more than four years as the online giant said it has spent heavily on coping with the pandemic and delivered a downbeat forecast for the holiday season. The news...

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