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"Buen viaje": Los históricos astronautas aficionados de SpaceX aterrizan a salvo en el Atlántico

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Cuatro turistas espaciales terminaron su viaje pionero a la órbita el sábado con un amerizaje en el Atlántico frente a la costa de Florida.. Su cápsula SpaceX se lanzó en paracaídas al océano justo antes del atardecer, no muy lejos de donde el ...

SpaceX launches world’s first ‘amateur astronaut’ crew to orbit Earth

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SpaceX has launched the world’s first crew of “amateur astronauts” on a private flight to circle Earth for three days. Wednesday night’s successful launch marked the most ambitious leap yet in space tourism. It’s the ...

Show Me the Honey: amateur beekeepers to compete in BBC show

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It has made The Great British Sewing Bee and spelling bee series Hard Spell but now the BBC is focusing on actual bees – by launching the UK’s first competitive beekeeping TV show. Show Me the Honey! features five ch...

Scottish amateur Louise Duncan surges into contention at Women’s Open

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The final major of 2021 may deliver the most extraordinary story of all. In among the big names on a gloriously tight leaderboard at the Women’s Open sits Louise Duncan, the 21-year-old amateur champion. The only time...

‘Part-time adventurers’: amateur fossil hunters get record haul in Cotswolds

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When Sally and Neville Hollingworth started going stir crazy in lockdown, rather than baking bread or doing quizzes on Zoom, the amateur palaeontologists turned to Google Earth. The couple passed the time planning for...

Dinos: are you an amateur investor affected by the crash of cryptocurrencies?

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Amid a sudden crash of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and Cardano, we’d like to hear from amateur investors on how they feel about this latest bout of extreme market volatility affecting alt co...