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The Alpinist review – intriguing insight into a maverick climber

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There has been no shortage of climbing documentaries that combine staggering vistas with sickeningly stressful shots of people cramming their bleeding fingertips into tiny cracks in sheer rock faces. And each film att...

The Alpinist review – nerve-shredding climbing doc barely holds on to its subject

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This documentary about Canadian climber Marc-André Leclerc, chockful of nerve-shredding footage, is most certainly not a film for anyone who gets sympathetic vertigo from watching people near precipices. Presumably it...

On thin ice: how The Alpinist captured the terrifying climbs of Marc-André Leclerc

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An insect-like creature is climbing a wall. The wall is made of ice – not regular, firm ice, but ice with spikes and cracks and gaps in behind. The creature has extended arms like a mantis, with sharply angled ends th...