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Geronimo’s owner says UK government ‘planned to murderalpaca – video

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After a four-year legal battle, Helen Macdonald gave an emotional statement after her alpaca was forcibly removed from his home in Gloucestershire and put down. Macdonald said the UK government did not engage in good ...

May I have a word about… alpaca owners and other communities

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Sometimes, I feel as if I’m a voice crying in the wilderness. It was only last month that I railed against the use of “community” and yet what did I find last week but another egregious example. “Defra needs to convin...

On death row with Geronimo the condemned alpaca, and an army of ‘angels’ at his side

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For more than a century, the name Geronimo belonged to a leader of the Apache people in New Mexico who was held as a prisoner of war and subject to public exhibition. But in recent weeks the name has had to share owne...

Campaigners march through London in bid to save alpaca Geronimo

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They stood on guard patiently, occasionally resting in deckchairs and, when the showers moved in, scuttling for shelter in farm buildings, but a hardy band of animal-lovers insisted they would put their bodies in the ...

George Eustice defends decision to cull alpaca Geronimo as ‘arduous but necessary’

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Environment secretary George Eustice said it is an “arduous but necessary endeavour” to cull animals that test positive for bovine tuberculosis (bTB), as he defended the decision to put down Geronimo the alpaca. Helen...

Owner of condemned alpaca Geronimo makes last-ditch appeal to minister

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A farmer whose beloved stud alpaca faces the prospect of being shot on Friday after twice testing positive for bovine tuberculosis has appealed to the environment secretary, George Eustice, to speak with her amid last...