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Not doing enough? France senses policing alone won’t stop risky crossings

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Behind Boris Johnson’s suggestions, in the wake of the Channel drownings, that France was not doing enough to stop small boat crossings, lies a more complex picture. There is a growing sense among charities and the Fr...

Alleen, bang en ballingskap in die gesig staar: een seun se beproewing beskuldig Brittanje se asielstelsel

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Op die laaste Saterdagaand in Augustus, die laaste RAF-vliegtuig het Afghanistan verlaat. Aan boord was enige oorblywende Britse diplomate en soldate, ontsnap uit 'n land in moorddadige chaos. Buite die basis, Taliban-milisie was roa ...

Do we really need a new version of Home Alone?

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The trailer for the Disney+ movie Home Sweet Home Alone is really quite something. Daarin, a large and chaotic family tie themselves in knots ahead of a holiday to Tokyo only to discover that, in their haste, they have...

My message to Newcastle’s Saudi owners: money alone can’t keep football alive

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I lived in Newcastle for a while in the late 1990s and absolutely loved my time there. Nights out in the Bigg Market and on the Quayside, dancing on the rotating dancefloor of the Tuxedo Princess, a boat-turned-nightc...

Yellowstone had 1m visitors in July alone. That’s unsustainable for US national parks

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National parks have been called America’s best idea, and for good reason. Unlike the castles and cathedrals of Europe, they belong to everyone. They are democracy writ large, where a people otherwise fiercely devoted ...

Die 'wonderhuis' van die Kanariese Eilande staan ​​alleen teen die lawastroom van die vulkaan

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Soos 'n tekenprenthuis met sy eie reënwolk, 'n Kanariese Eilande het riviere van lawa oorleef wat uit die vulkaniese uitbarsting op La Palma vloei, met beelde wat die onaangeraakte woning en die omliggende landskap omring..

‘I don’t want them out alone’: fearful Kidbrooke mourns Sabina Nessa

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It was quiet in Cator Park on Thursday morning. Every now and then, someone would pass by, jogging or walking their dog, breaking the stillness across the green space in south-east London flanked by the new-build apar...

‘Table for one? Ja, please’ – the joy of eating alone

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“We call it a crisis of loneliness. In France, it’s a crisis of manners. In China, it’s a crisis of family,” Dr Mukta Das tells me. “Every nation around the world has this idea that eating together is better, and that...

A new start after 60: ‘I pitied women who travelled alone – then I tried it and found true joy’

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The Christmas after her husband died, Charlotte Simpson went on holiday with her daughter. In their tour group to Morocco were two women who travelled alone. “I felt sorry for them,” Simpson says, laughing. “It seemed...

Dinsdag inligtingsessie: ‘We cannot expect NHS to recover alone’

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Oggend, Ek is Virginia Harrison en dit is die topverhale van vandag. Boris Johnson is poised to unveil his long-awaited plan to fix the “broken” social care system to MPs later today. The prime minister will tell mutino...

Summer in the city: Jo Nesbø on playing football alone in Oslo

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I have a clear image of the summer from the time when I was growing up. Not of diving into the waters of a Norwegian fjord, or barbecuing with my parents at a camp site or savouring the view from the top of a mountain...

Dave: We’re All Alone in This Together review – a rival to his classic debut

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In 2019, Dave’s Mercury prize- and Brit award-winning debut, Psychodrama, became a classic overnight; now it has a rival for introspection, operatic quality and wordplay. Tender piano arrangements, unadulterated story...

Dave: We’re All Alone in This Together review – an eerie, anguished triumph

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It’s hard to conceive of a better reception for an album than that which greeted Psychodrama, Streatham rapper Dave’s 2019 debuut. It won both the muso-friendly Mercury prize and the populist-minded Brit award for albu...

‘I’m not alone’: survivors organise against sexual violence in Colombia

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Children now play football on the field where the lives of the people of El Salado changed completely. In Februarie 2000, oor 450 paramilitary fighters stormed this small Colombian town. They forced people from their...

Africa can’t be left to go it alone when it comes to Covid vaccines

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More than 3bn doses of the Covid-19 vaccine have now been administered worldwide. But as the campaign forges ahead, one continent lags far behind the rest. Africa, home to 17% van die wêreldbevolking, accounts for le...

Whatever Johnson says, we can’t defeat Covid with ‘personal responsibility’ alone

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At a time when Covid cases in Britain stand at some 25,000 per day and are doubling every nine days or so, the government has chosen to lift nearly all remaining Covid measures. Boris Johnson stressed in a press confe...

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