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If you love the NHS, the new health and social care bill should set off alarm bells

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Ten years ago, Andrew Lansley’s health and social care bill to reorganise the NHS in England faced enormous opposition. The current health and care bill, which has its second reading in the House of Lords today, has r...

Multinational care companies are the real winners from Johnson’s new tax

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The government’s health and social care levy bill is being rushed through parliament today, in one day and with minimal parliamentary scrutiny. The bill would create a new tax to generate additional funding of around ...

Allyson Felix ends her Olympic career a fighter both on and off the track

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In the minutes after the end of the very last event, an army of construction workers filed into the Olympic Stadium to start getting it ready for the closing ceremony. The athletes were still making their way out thro...

Allyson Felix: an American hero both transcendent and relatable

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Of course they called her Chicken Legs. Ninth graders are the worst. Clearly, the girls on Los Angeles Baptist High’s track team were just waiting to pounce on Allyson Felix, all stems and a cheeseburger shy of skinny...

Allyson Felix zooms past Carl Lewis as most decorated US track Olympian

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Allyson Felix won her 11th career Olympic medal on Saturday, combining with her American teammates to finish the 4x400m relay in 3 minuti, 16.85 seconds for a runaway victory. The team of Felix, Sydney McLaughlin, Da...

Allyson Felix is most decorated Olympic female track athlete after 400m bronze

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Allyson Felix finished third in the 400m on Friday to win her 10th career medal and become the most-decorated woman in the history of Olympic track events. The 35-year-old Felix, a stalwart of American track and field...

Allyson Felix wins another victory for mothers by claiming Tokyo Olympics spot

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Some mornings the car won’t start, the baby’s crying, the girl won’t eat her breakfast, the boy can’t remember where he left his shoes, and you forgot to sign the form you promised to bring in to the school last week....