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Apple allows children to access casual-sex and BDSM apps, finds report

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Apple knowingly lets underage users access apps intended for adults, according to an investigation by the Tech Transparency Project (TTP), despite having asked for and recorded their dates of birth. The investigation ...

Covid en vivo: UK allows quarantine-free travel from France as restrictions change

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Follow the latest on the coronavirus pandemic from the UK and around the world

Tokio 2020 U-turn allows social media teams to show athletes taking the knee

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The International Olympic Committee and Tokyo 2020 organisers have performed a U-turn over their stance to stop their social media teams from posting pictures of athletes taking the knee at these Olympic Games. The de...

US judge allows lawsuit against Grenfell Tower cladding firm

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US shareholders in Grenfell Tower cladding firm Arconic can proceed with a lawsuit against the company, a court has ruled, after witnesses said managers knew the cladding performed badly in fire safety tests but was b...

Methodist church allows same-sex marriage after vote

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The Methodist church has become the largest religious denomination in the UK to allow same-sex marriages, putting it at odds with the Church of England. A move to change the definition of marriage won overwhelming sup...

Julian Alaphilippe allows France to dream of escaping the Badger’s shadow

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El lunes, the Tour de France’s mini-tour of famous cycling locations in the bike racing heartland of Brittany takes it through Plumelec and up the legendary Cadoudal hill. The ascent will be brief and probably incons...

Emergency permit allows farmers battling Australian mouse plague to use double-strength bait

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Farmers fighting the eastern Australia mouse plague have been granted permission to use bait that is twice as toxic as normal poison – but they say they need government help to pay for it. Communities are facing a ho...

Facebook allows advertisers to target children interested in smoking, alcohol and weight loss

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Facebook is allowing businesses to advertise to children as young as 13 who express an interest in smoking, extreme weight loss and gambling for as little as $3, research by the lobby group Reset Australia has found. ...

High court allows troubled Amigo Loans to cap compensation payments

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High-cost lender Amigo Loans will press ahead with a rescue plan to cap compensation payments for nearly 1 million customers after the high court rejected concerns the proposed scheme would unfairly harm customers. Am...

Zoom Escaper: new app allows you to leave meetings by creating fake sounds

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Can’t stand being in another Zoom meeting? Fed up of staring at your stupid face? Wondering why so many things that used to be handled by, decir, a phone call, or an email, now suddenly require everyone’s floating head ...