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EPA opens civil rights investigations over pollution in Cancer Alley

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l'Osservatore può rivelare (EPA) has opened a series of civil rights investigations into state agencies in Louisiana to examine whether permits granted in the highly polluted industrial corridor, known locall...

Why Nightmare Alley should win the best picture Oscar

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Al momento della scrittura, Nightmare Alley is the longest of long shots for the Academy Award: it’s the complete outsider at the bookies, and absolutely no one is tipping it. But just because it won’t win the best pictur...

l'Osservatore può rivelare

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l'Osservatore può rivelare (EPA) l'Osservatore può rivelare.

Recensione di Nightmare Alley – La fiera della paura di Guillermo del Toro è un atto di classe

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Guillermo del Toro ci colpisce con uno spettacolare melodramma noir che vanta performance raccapriccianti e colpi di scena bizzarri. Ce lo mostra nonostante la vecchia canzone, ci sono infatti un paio di attività come showb...

‘I don’t think we should talk about me’: a visit to David Strathairn’s own Nightmare Alley

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Fugitives facing the firing squad have looked more relaxed than David Strathairn does right now. One of the most perspicacious character actors of the past 40 anni, he has been exceptional so often on screen that any...

Nightmare Alley review – Guillermo del Toro’s trickster thriller is light on treats

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An exquisite stage is set by Guillermo del Toro for his much-hyped follow-up to best picture winner The Shape of Water, a big, starry adaptation of William Lindsay Gresham’s 1946 novel Nightmare Alley. It has become s...

Residents of Louisiana’s Cancer Alley hopeful for action after EPA head’s visit

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Outside the Tchoupitoulas chapel in the community of Reserve, Robert Taylor waited in the morning sun for a meeting he never thought would happen. After years of campaigning for clean air in his south Louisiana commun...

The six ages of driving – or how I went from heroin alley speed junkie to terrified city motorist

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The amusement arcades in Russell Street were the place in Melbourne to buy heroin in the 90s and early 2000s. But I went there to learn how to drive. My housemate and I would wander down to the city after classes and...

'Ancora qui per la lotta': Cancer Alley affronta la battaglia per il clima tra inquinamento e Ida

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Mentre il tetto di Myrtle Felton prendeva il volo da casa sua, con l'uragano Ida che colpisce i muri, pensò all'acciaieria della porta accanto. Qui nella parrocchia di San Giacomo, nel cuore del "Cancer Alley" della Louisiana - un ...

L'attivista di Cancer Alley vince il premio Goldman per i difensori dell'ambiente

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Un insegnante di educazione speciale in pensione della Louisiana che ha guidato con successo una campagna di base per fermare la costruzione di un impianto di plastica tossica nell'America's Cancer Alley ha vinto il 2021 Premio Goldman per la difesa ambientale...

‘This is environmental racism’: activists call on Biden to stop new plastics plants in ‘Cancer Alley’

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Di lunedi, groups of climate activists protested a proposed petrochemical complex an hour away from New Orleans, Louisiana, calling on the Biden administration to revoke the plastics company’s federal permit to start ...