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Judge in Chris Dawson’s murder trial says he’s in the dark on how to use evidence of wife’s alleged injuries, hof verhoor

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The judge overseeing Chris Dawson’s murder trial has questioned how he should use evidence in the case which the prosecution claimed implies a violent and abusive marriage. Op Vrydag, justice Ian Harrison said that te...

Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira: police in Brazil arrest second man for ‘alleged murder’

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Police in Brazil say they have arrested a second man in connection with “the alleged murder” of the British journalist Dom Phillips and the Brazilian Indigenous defender Bruno Pereira. Oseney da Costa de Oliveira, 41,...

FBI seizes retired US general’s electronic data over alleged illegal Qatar lobbying

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The FBI has seized electronic data from a retired four-star general who authorities say made false statements and withheld “incriminating” documents about his role in an illegal foreign lobbying campaign on behalf of ...

Mexico police arrest alleged serial killer who lured women with job offers

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Authorities in Mexico have arrested a suspected serial killer accused of luring at least seven young women on Facebook with false job offers. Surveillance camera footage from two states showed the man meeting with the...

Sarah Everard vigil: Met to prosecute six over alleged Covid rule breaches

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Six people are being prosecuted by the Metropolitan police for allegedly breaching Covid-19 restrictions during a vigil for Sarah Everard, who was murdered by a Met officer. According to court documents, those being c...

Alleged Wagner Group fighters accused of murdering civilians in Ukraine

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Two alleged Wagner Group fighters from Belarus have been accused of murdering civilians near Kyiv, making them the first international mercenaries to face war crimes charges in Ukraine. Ukrainian prosecutors late on T...

The alleged Buffalo shooter was also inspired by Islamophobia. That’s telling

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Aan 14 Mei, an 18-year-old white supremacist shot and killed 10 Black people in a grocery store in Buffalo, New York, oor 200 miles away from his home, volgens die polisie. The alleged shooter scrawled a racial epith...

Alleged Colombian cartel head due in New York court after extradition

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The accused head of Colombia’s Gulf Clan cartel is due to appear in a federal court in New York on Thursday, as victims in his home country call for guarantees that he will come clean on atrocities committed by the fe...

Family of Hotel Rwanda hero launches $400m lawsuit over his alleged abduction

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The family of Hotel Rwanda hero Paul Rusesabagina has filed a $400m lawsuit in the US over his alleged abduction and torture. Rusesabagina is serving a 25-year prison term on terrorism charges after a trial his suppor...

German police detain four over alleged plot to kidnap health minister

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The German health minister, Karl Lauterbach, said a foiled plot to kidnap him showed that there were forces at play that were using protests over Covid-19 restrictions to destabilise the state and the country’s democr...

Women accuse Met of missing chances to charge alleged serial attacker

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The Metropolitan police may have missed a chance to bring charges over a series of alleged assaults by the same man, several women have told the Guardian. The women made statements to the Met and allege the force mish...

Turkey to send case against Khashoggi’s alleged killers to Saudi Arabia

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A Turkish court has confirmed a request from prosecutors to transfer the case against the alleged assassins of Jamal Khashoggi to Saudi Arabia, shutting down a trial that had been a centrepiece of attempts to cast lig...

wat teregstaan ​​vir die moord op Logan Mwangi

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wat teregstaan ​​vir die moord op Logan Mwangi, wat teregstaan ​​vir die moord op Logan Mwangi 35 wat teregstaan ​​vir die moord op Logan Mwangi, wat teregstaan ​​vir die moord op Logan Mwangi, wat teregstaan ​​vir die moord op Logan Mwangi.

More details emerge of Prince Andrew’s alleged links with banker Selman Turk

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Prince Andrew had known an alleged fraudster for at least six months before receiving more than £1m in disputed payments from the man, it has been reported. The Duke of York was introduced to Selman Turk via a mutual ...

Oxford college pays damages to woman after alleged rape by fellow student

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A University of Oxford college has pledged to overhaul its handling of sexual assault cases after paying damages to settle a legal action taken by a woman who said she was raped by a fellow student. Die vrou, a stude...

seksterapie en vaginale dilatasie, hof gesê

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seksterapie en vaginale dilatasie 15 het aan 'n hof gesê dat hy die konserwatiewe perskantoor gekontak het om hulle te vertel wat gebeur het. het aan 'n hof gesê dat hy die konserwatiewe perskantoor gekontak het om hulle te vertel wat gebeur het.

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