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Comic Alistair Green on his middle England satire: ‘I don’t want to be really mean’

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Even if he wanted to, Alistair Green can’t redecorate his living room. The plain white walls that backdrop the comic’s sketches – and our Zoom call – are as much a trademark of his material as the range of deluded mid...

‘If not now, quando?’ Alistair Brownlee says Tokyo 2020 should go ahead

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Alistair Brownlee has backed the International Olympic Committee’s decision to proceed with the rescheduled Games amid the Covid-19 pandemic, saying a stripped-back Games will be better than none at all. Tokyo 2020 be...

Alistair Brownlee disqualified for ‘ducking’ and faces Olympic omission

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Alistair Brownlee’s hopes of winning a third successive Olympic title appear to be over after he was disqualified for “ducking” a rival during a World Triathlon Championship Series race in Leeds. The 33-year-old has ...

Alistair Darling turned down offer to chair trust to refurbish No 10

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The former chancellor Alistair Darling turned down an offer to chair a trust to refurbish No 10 and No 11 Downing Street, citing grave concerns about the potential for donors to expect political favours, the Guardian ...