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A-level textbook withdrawn over ‘inappropriate’ Native American question

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An A-level textbook has been withdrawn after a youth worker raised the alarm about an “inappropriate” question asking whether the treatment of Native Americans had been exaggerated. Hannah Wilkinson tweeted her horror...

GCSE and A-level pupils to be awarded fewer top grades in 2022, says Ofqual

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Pupils sitting GCSEs and A-levels next summer will receive fewer top grades than this year’s cohort, but will be given advance notice of some exam topics to help address learning lost as a result of the pandemic, Ofqu...

A-level student to US Open champion: Emma Raducanu’s journey to the top

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Nothing about what Emma Raducanu has achieved over the past three weeks in New York is normal. Qualifiers do not win Grand Slam titles; 18-year-olds do not win slams without dropping a set; teenagers do not waltz to U...

A-level students: have you lost out on a university place?

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We’d like to hear from pupils who have been unable to secure a university place they’d been hoping for this year, after teacher assessed grades saw 70% of independently educated pupils get As or A*s, versus 39% at sta...

‘I’m lost’: poorer pupils lose university places after A-level grade surge

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Despite being a carer for his mother since he started senior school, 18-year-old Keir Adeleke, from Newham, Oos -Londen, was predicted A*AA in his A-levels this summer, and had an offer to study law at the prestigious...

Girls overtake boys in A-level and GCSE maths, so are they ‘smarter’?

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Amid the celebrations by students getting their A-level and GCSE results this week, it almost passed without notice that girls had stormed the last bastion of male academic attainment by capturing more top grades in m...

A-level and GCSE results show pandemic has widened inequality

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With A-level and GCSE results now published, we’ve learned how much England’s education system relies on exam results, and how many of society’s inequalities have been made more extreme. It’s long been known that inde...

‘You didn’t have much support’: A-level students share their experiences

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Schools across the UK are celebrating record-breaking exam results, after almost 45% of A-level entries were awarded top grades. Five A-level students tell the Guardian about the challenges of studying in a year disru...

The Guardian view on record A-level results: a triumph over adversity

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For teenagers who began A-level courses in September 2019, the last 18 months have been an educational ordeal. Schools in England were let down by a government that failed to develop an adequate plan B when classrooms...

Private schools in England give pupils top grades in 70% of A-level entries

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Private schools awarded top grades to 70% of their pupils’ A-level entries as part of a record-breaking set of results on Tuesday, increasing the attainment gap with state schools in England to the widest in the moder...

‘We’ve had to adapt’: A-level students react to record-breaking results

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After a very peculiar 18 months it is perhaps no surprise that A-level results day in England and Wales did not follow the usual hysteric script. At Greenhead college in Huddersfield, one of the largest and most succe...

A-level results day 2021 live: hundreds of thousands await teacher-assessed grades

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Results based on new system after grading fiasco in 2020 saw thousands of students have their results downgraded

Amper 150,000 A-level students in scramble for university places

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Amper 150,000 students who did not receive offers from any university, or missed their required grades at A-level, will be hunting for remaining places on Tuesday – with the most popular institutions expected to have...

Universities report record A-level grade acceleration in England and Wales

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Universities are reporting a record-breaking acceleration in A-level results in England and Wales this summer, with as many as half of applicants awarded two A grades, leaving fewer places available for those who miss...

A-level results: top universities expected to stick to rigid entry grades

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For the first time in years, sixth-formers who don’t get the A-level grades they need in August are unlikely to be able to talk their way into top universities, experts are warning. They say elite institutions are fac...

Exam board’s late-night call for A-level and GCSE evidence angers schools

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Headteachers in England have expressed anger after an exam board mistakenly sent out a late-night email giving schools less than 48 hours to provide evidence to support teacher-assessed grades. After months of intense...

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