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Uluru statement campaigners welcome Albanese’s referendum commitment

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Key players in the Uluru Statement from the Heart campaign have welcomed the PM’s commitment to a referendum question on an Indigenous voice to parliament and a form of words in the constitution, saying the proposal i...

AMA verwelkom Albanese se besluit om pandemieverlofbetalings ná nasionale kabinetsvergaderings te verleng

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Die Australiese Mediese Vereniging het die federale regering se terugslag oor Covid-noodbetalings verwelkom, en sê hulle moet in plek sê solank as wat nodig is. “Hulle moes nooit verwyder gewees het nie,"president O...

Anthony Albanese’s ministry contains more surprises than expected following a factional kerfuffle

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Labor has now secured 77 seats, which means Anthony Albanese will govern with a majority in the 47th parliament. The new prime minister advised his caucus colleagues on Tuesday not to waste a day of government and it’...

‘If you fall asleep it’s OK’: Biden applauds Albanese’s determination to attend Quad summit – video

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Joe Biden welcomes Anthony Albanese to his first major meeting as Australia's prime minister as the Quad summit begins in Japan. The US president jokes that delegates will understand if the PM needs a nap: the new lea...

World leaders respond to Anthony Albanese’s Australian election victory

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World leaders have congratulated Anthony Albanese on his election victory in Australia, while former heads of government in the Pacific have urged him to “make a radical shift towards strong and urgent climate action”...

Anthony Albanese se Queensland-toonhoogte wil 'steeds groter' staatsarbeidsteun omskep

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Anthony Albanese sê Queenslanders steun die Arbeid op staatsvlak in "steeds groter getalle" sedert die nederlaag van die Newman-regering, en hy wil die steun op federale vlak na die ALP vertaal. Die...

Anthony Albanese’s budget reply to focus on entrepreneurs, renewable energy and women

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Anthony Albanese will use his reply to the Morrison government’s budget to unveil a new policy to help 2,000 young entrepreneurs cover some of the costs of participation in accredited “accelerator” programs in univers...