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Anthony Albanese seeks legal advice over reports Scott Morrison secretly swore himself into ministry roles

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Die eerste minister, Anthony Albanese, is seeking legal advice over reports his predecessor Scott Morrison secretly swore himself into three ministry positions while in government, a fact that was allegedly concealed e...

Only ‘ideology or fear’ would push a government to attack ABC, Anthony Albanese says

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Only a government ruled by ideology or fear would attack the ABC, Anthony Albanese has said at the 90th birthday celebration of the public broadcaster in Sydney. In a thinly veiled attack on the former Coalition gove...

Aged care reform first bill to pass lower house under Albanese government

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The aged care sector has urged the new federal parliament to quickly pass delayed legislation enacting key recommendations of the royal commission, saying residents “can’t afford to wait any longer” for reforms around...

Albanese government continues push to keep parts of Bernard Collaery case secret

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Lawyers for the Albanese government will maintain a push by the former attorney general to impose secrecy over parts of a key decision in the Bernard Collaery case. Vroeër vandeesmaand, the attorney general Mark Dreyfu...

Anthony Albanese rules out banning fossil fuel projects, citing risk to Australian economy

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Anthony Albanese says Labor will not support a moratorium on fossil fuel projects because doing so would have a “devastating impact on the Australian economy”. Ahead of the introduction of legislation on Wednesday ens...

Albanese believes in politics with purpose – he’s determined to pop Morrison’s ‘Canberra bubble’

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We might look back in three years, or sooner, and conclude the modest promise of the opening day of the new 47th parliament was a mirage, of erger nog, a lie. But Tuesday conveyed the sense of a corner being turned. Scott...

Albanese government bolsters climate bill in attempt to win support of teal independents

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The Albanese government has strengthened its signature climate legislation to make it clear future emissions reduction targets can only increase, as well as bolstering transparency about its response to expert advice ...

Albanese labels Morrison’s comments about not trusting government ‘astonishing’

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Die eerste minister, Anthony Albanese, has accused his predecessor Scott Morrison of making “nonsense throwaway conspiracy” claims about the United Nations that were unworthy of a national leader. Albanese branded Morr...

Anthony Albanese stops short of calling for Australians to work from home amid Covid surge

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Anthony Albanese has stopped short of calling for Australians to work from home if they can, as the chief medical officer, Paul Kelly, advised yesterday in the face of the rising Covid wave, saying the nation needed a...

Anthony Albanese rejects NSW premier’s call to cut seven-day Covid isolation period

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Anthony Albanese has rejected a call from the New South Wales premier, Dominic Perrottet, to consider cutting the seven-day isolation requirement for positive Covid cases, as state and territory leaders continued to o...

Anthony Albanese resists growing pressure to extend pandemic leave payments

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Anthony Albanese has continued to dig in against calls to extend pandemic leave payments, while his ministers have argued states should take up the slack from the federal government. But Albanese is facing a chorus of...

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