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Alaphilippe solos to glory and defends world championship road race title

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Julian Alaphilippe overcame 60 Flandrian hills and the ire of Flemish fans to join the rare group of male cyclists who have successfully defended the world championship road race title, winning solo in Leuven after ri...

Julian Alaphilippe allows France to dream of escaping the Badger’s shadow

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Di lunedi, the Tour de France’s mini-tour of famous cycling locations in the bike racing heartland of Brittany takes it through Plumelec and up the legendary Cadoudal hill. The ascent will be brief and probably incons...

Tour de France: Julian Alaphilippe takes opening stage marred by big crashes

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In a chaotic and bloody finish to stage one of the 2021 Tour de France, Julian Alaphilippe of France won in Landernau and took the yellow jersey, while the four-times champion Chris Froome struggled to the finish afte...