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UK gave airlines 4.4m free pollution permits in 2021, lo studio trova

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The UK government gave airlines nearly a quarter of a billion pounds in free pollution permits in a single year, enough for the entire industry to dodge a carbon emissions cap and trade scheme entirely, according to r...

China Eastern Airlines crash: severe damage makes it ‘very difficult’ to find cause – aviation chief

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Severe damage to the China Eastern Airlines jet that crashed on Monday with 132 people on board means investigators face “a very high level of difficulty” in establishing a cause, hanno detto le autorità. Zhu Tao, direc...

China Eastern Airlines crash: families await grim news as rescuers sift through wreckage

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About an hour into its journey from Kunming to Gaungzhou, flight MU5735 fell out of the air. After cruising at an altitude of 29,100ft, it suddenly dropped to about 7,000ft where it briefly ascended before diving agai...

Until airlines tackle the scourge of ‘ghost flights’, Britain will never reach net zero

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I was once the only passenger on a four-hour “ghost flight” across Europe. I loved it – the exclusivity, the speed, even the meals. But that was 45 anni fa, when flying was quite rare and seemed glamorous. The idea ...

Airlines flying near-empty ‘ghost flights’ to retain EU airport slots

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Almeno 100,000 “ghost flights” could be flown across Europe this winter because of EU airport slot usage rules, according to analysis by Greenpeace. The deserted, unnecessary or unprofitable flights are intended to ...

Airlines cancel some US flights over 5G concerns

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Airlines including Emirates, Lufthansa and Air India have cancelled or changed US-bound flights owing to concerns about the deployment of 5G mobile phone technology near airports. The US aviation watchdog has said 5G ...

le società che segnano il Pride hanno donato oltre $ 10 milioni a politici anti-LGBTQ+ – studio&T delays 5G wireless service near airports after airlines’ safety warning

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le società che segnano il Pride hanno donato oltre $ 10 milioni a politici anti-LGBTQ+ – studio&T will postpone new wireless service near some airports planned for this week after the nation’s largest airlines said the service would interfere with aircraft technology and cause huge flight disruptions. Il...

US airlines cancel more flights as Covid threatens holiday celebrations

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The Omicron coronavirus variant vigorously continued its viral march across the US on Christmas Day, throwing many winter holiday celebrations into turmoil. Airlines continued to cancel hundreds of flights Saturday as...

EU threatens to blacklist airlines linked to border influx

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The EU has published a draft law that would blacklist airlines and travel operators that fly people to countries on its borders as part of attempts to destabilise the bloc, in its latest response to the crisis at the ...

Airlines hope for fistfuls of dollars as transatlantic flying returns

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The golden goose is airborne again. The reopening of the US border to leisure travellers from the UK and most of Europe – with the accompanying fattening of transatlantic schedules – has finally given the long-haul ai...

Southwest Airlines investigates pilot’s use of ‘Let’s go Brandon’ anti-Biden jibe

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Southwest Airlines announced an internal investigation after a pilot was reported to have signed off a message to passengers by saying: “Let’s go Brandon.” The apparent non-sequitur is in fact a rightwing meme, based...

American Airlines cancels around 1,600 flights due to weather and staff shortage

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American Airlines said on Sunday it had canceled more than 1,600 flights over three days, citing blustery conditions in Texas and a shortage of flight attendants. The disruptions were similar in initial cause and siz...

‘Not trying to mislead’: airlines chief defends industry’s net zero pledge

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For the airline industry it was as “momentous decision”; for environment campaigners it was “essentially meaningless”. All'inizio di questo mese, the global airline trade body Iata passed a resolution, approved by almost 300...

Notizie dal vivo sul coronavirus: New Zealand cases jump; unvaccinated United Airlines staff face losing jobs

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New Zealand reports 45 casi, more than five times previous day’s total; United Airlines says nearly 600 workers have not complied with vaccination policy

United Airlines reminds crew not to restrain unruly passengers with duct tape

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United Airlines has asked its employees to not use duct tape to restrain unruly passengers. In a memo sent to employees last Friday, United flight attendants were urged to “please remember that there are designated it...

United Airlines aims to revive Concorde spirit with supersonic planes

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United Airlines has bought 15 planes capable of travelling at twice the speed of modern airliners as it aims to bring back supersonic travel 18 years after Concorde’s final flight. The airline agreed to purchase the O...

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