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Sepp van den Berg: the Liverpool defender aiming to beat his own club

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As Mohamed Salah stuck away Liverpool’s fifth goal at Old Trafford on Sunday, completing his hat-trick with more than 40 minutes to play, it is conceivable that Sepp van den Berg was the only person with Liverpool tie...

Trump team thought UK officials ‘out of their minds’ aiming for herd immunity, book says

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US officials thought their British counterparts “were out of their minds” in aiming for herd immunity as part of Boris Johnson’s initial policy on dealing with the coronavirus, according to a new book about the global...

Georginio Wijnaldum aiming to take PSG ‘even higher’ after sealing move

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Georginio Wijnaldum has joined Paris St Germain on a three-year contract following his departure from Liverpool. The Netherlands midfielder, who turns 31 a novembre, failed to agree new terms with Liverpool after neg...

Gigi Buffon aiming to make departing gift as Juventus look to save season

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Martedì, Gigi Buffon said it was time for him to “take away the distraction” of media speculation about his future, confirming that he would leave Juventus at the end of this campaign. Di mercoledì, he went between...